Nylon Beat: ”Nuclear test”. (In this case nuclear means sex.) This was one of my favorite songs from Nylon Beat by then…(not because of lyrics but because of that sound and melody!)


Do you remember a situation when you were totally embarrassed? What and why was if for. Were did it all start? If you do I hope you share your story with me…

But let me tell you my story first…It was warm and sunny day in year 1996 when finnish girl duo: ”Nylon Beat” did publish their first album. I was at countryside with my family and we were visiting at local central area with my father and our family friend.


In this tiny ”Keuruu” town there is (or at least was) only two grocery stores, one pizzeria, one restaurant, Hotell, one grill, one Alko (alcohol store), one pub, one “Tiimari” (hobbies/gift ware business chain which shut down it’s business 2014 in Finland and in Baltic country’s). Also there were one music (record) store (which I don’t think is there anymore cause records (or tapes) doesn’t sell so well anymore), and then there were one or two clothing stores (and of course banks, old and new churche, hair dresser, kiosk and so on).

”Like a candy”

(Their singing some man who’s like ”candy” to them…)


So we went to that music store and my father promised to buy one album to me. I picked the new Nylon Beat tape cause that was one of the tapes I had been wishing to get. Well, on our way back to summer cottage we listened that tape in car. At first it was ok. There were nice, girly songs. Those girls sounded like Disney’s chipmunks Chip’n Dale (which became their nick names later). It was good tape but soon I realised it was not the tape I would like to listening with my father and his friend. I didn’t know that many of their songs were about sex. I was so embarrassed when our family friend asked me “is this good tape?” I couldn’t deny I liked it and with the shame in my mind I said: “Yes”. Well, luckily there were also beautiful love songs but still… Never forget that day. It stayed in my mind all these years!!

So that was my story. Now is your turn to tell me your embarrassing moment!


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