This is very tasty kebab made with humour. ”Dorka” means ”dumb” or ”dork” in finnish. It’s used as fake Greece cause it sounds Greece. There is also a funny story on this packet.

”Niin aikaisin”/”So early”

”Nopeimmat junat”/”The most speedy trains”

This song reminds me of my childhood and my youth happy summerdays at summercottage.

There (in Helsinki) have been way too hot for my taste last days. It’s been about 30c. On Tuesday the highest temperature was 32c(/89,60F). If this heat is continuing I’m not sure how can I handle with this. I can’t sleep (well) and I can’t think because of this heat. Even we have had window open every day and night it’s still too hot. It’s quite hard even write these posts cause I can’t concentrate…

Beautiful sky one day nearby our home…

Today it was tolerable but now on the night our house is like sauna again…This is so rare in Finland that I know we should be happy…I promise to try my best!! 😁ä-lupiineja-wild-lupines.html

This song: (Wild lupines) remind me also of our summer cottage cause there is growing much lupines…

This is just so beautiful and tacky…

”Muistan kesän”/”I remember the summer”

Try to stay cool on these hot summer days!!


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