”Jossain joku vieläkin sua kaipaa” (Somewhere someone still missing you)


Tomorrow it’s September and officially the first autumn day. Summer is ending again.

Although it’s sad thing, I think my autumn is still better than last autumn cause I got a new job…again and I really hope this is more permanent this time. At least I have been enjoying it (most of the time)!

I’m continuing my care taking job. I have still my old customer and now I’m working also for one home service company were I have had few customers. Some of those have been very nice places like the one where was always so warm welcome. I wish I could get job there some day again. Then I had one customer for once who took me to Helsinki’s legendary artist restaurant to eat, how fun is that!

Anyway here is still some summer photos for you…

These ducks did obviously come by for asking food!

These rowanberries looks tasty! I don’t know why those aren’t used very much in any products.

Could it be more like summer? Flowers and a butterflie…

…and one, more like autumn photo which I took today when I was walking my customer’s dog…I wonder what mushrooms these are…

Bye bye summer, I will miss you!

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