BOAT TRIP TO STOCKHOLM with Silja Line (18.-20.9.)

Harbours are lovely! I love the sea! It’s so calming and fascinating! It’s one of the best feelings to watch the sea and see those foamy wave crests. Same feeling when you’re sitting in front of the fire place and staring it. So therapeutic!

I have always also loved food

and gourmandism. What could

be better way to enjoy life than

fill your stomach with all the

buffet delicates?!

That’s why I was so exited to get to boat trip for long time ago. My partners parents did bought this trip to four of us. They had ”executive suite” cabin (which is 75m2 big suite) and we had ”Commodore” cabin (also spacious luxury cabin). So both of the cabins were great! There were also sauna in my partners parents cabin. I tested it and loved it! I love sauna so much!

We had also special breakfast which was very lush! There were starter dish, main course and desert all together in breakfast only! The main course (salmon bread) was so delicious! I didn’t take the main desert on menu, I just tasted a little desert snacks on breakfast buffet.

Our cozy cabin!

My partners parents cabin -bedroom.


Living room.

Luckily the sea was mostly quite calm and not so stormy, even though I actually like the feeling when boat is pitching and sure it did, some but I would not like some very bad autumn storm…I don’t think anyone likes that. It would be scary! My partner did not like that pitching at all…or maybe a while it was ok but it continued quite long and then he started to feel sick.

We did also visit at Stockholm. There were still very warm and summery.

Now we’re back to normal again but I don’t mind cause I like my new job (most of the time)!

Harbour at Stockholm.

Next post will be about my evening at ”Dancing with the Stars” studio audience.

Till then, take care and have a nice week!