It was 17C (62,6F) degrees few days a go in Helsinki. Can you imagine? 17C degrees in October. I don’t remember (in my 38 year of life) ever been as warm in October.

In my childhood (at 80’s and 90’s) this was usually the time when all the leaves did fall down on trees and often it was also raining sleet (or maybe even snow sometimes). The temperature was close to zero (32F). That was the normal weather in those days on this time of year. Right now there is 12 degrees (53,6F).

Somewhere in Finland it was over 20 (69,62F) degrees at Sunday which is the most highest temperature (ever in Finland in October).

This is the future. This is what we get if we don’t do anything to this global warming (and more).
Maybe in future we don’t even have winter in Helsinki.

According to worst forecast we could have the same climate which is these days in Milano. We will loose our (maybe cold but) beautiful and lightning snowy winter days. We will loose our winter wonder land. Instead we’ll get:

  • dangerous diseases
  • mites
  • storms
  • floodings
  • more dry seasons
  • way too long heat waves…and more dark days which there is enough already…not to mention what will happend in southern countries…

Did you even know that the carbon emissions have been rising lately? Those should be decreasing but those have just raised. It’s scary!

As you can see it have been beautiful in here last days and it could be easy to forget what this means but we shouldn’t forget it. Everyone here is happy because of this warmness but we should remember the reality where will it lead! It’s not good thing (even it feels nice)!

We need to wake up now and do something before it’s too late!

6 ajatusta artikkelista “AUTUMN IN FINLAND (Helsinki) IS CHANGING

  1. I totally agree. You had hot weather for Finland this year, unheard of….. Warm is nice ,but not for the wrong reasons. Your pictures a lovely, such beautiful golden Autumn colours.

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