(Tango queen 1996) Saija Varjus: ”Tähtiin kirjoitettu” (Written in stars)

This song is about relinquish…

I heard some very sad news before Christmas but I didn’t want to tell those news in my advent calendar so I tell you now.

It’s about my dad. He have a bad liver cancer which can’t be removed. Also he’s so old and weak that every potential nurtures could be fatal for him.

He have been quite alive though. I can’t believe his so ill. In spite of that illness our Christmas dinner went well. He ate normally and was able to sit with us the whole evening. I think it’s those pain killers.

We were ready to think with my brother that this might be our last Christmas when we’re all together…

The good thing is my parents don’t remember that thing cause they both have Alzheimer. I can see it. They live like before, like nothing happened. Mom always says how good it is they’re still quite well considering to their age. I think this is better to them. Now they can be living happily together the rest of the time they still have.

On the other hand I’m very worried about mom how will she cope if she stays alone. Specially with Alzheimer it can be tough, cause she don’t necessarily remember what happened and where my father is. Like my grandma didn’t remember the death of my grandpa. Scary thought…and I don’t even know could she live alone anymore or will her condition just get worse…

I’m picturing in my mind again and again the situation when the doctor visited at my parents and told the bad news. I heard from my brother my mom shocked first and then after that dad too.

I can imagine their reactions. I can easily see it in my mind. I can hear my mom crying loudly (like she had before). It’s terrible picture even though I know they don’t remember it anymore…but still it hurts me to be thinking that!

I only hope my dad can get some help. The help which will slow the progress of that disease and will help he to cope and manage better!

Take care and good night!

ADVENT CALENDAR 23.12. (Glogg)

In the second last advent calendar post I will share you the recipe for my favorite winter drink: glogg.

Tomorrow it’s Christmas eve…

No it’s the last minutes to wrap your Christmas gifts and make rest of the preparations for the biggest jubilee of year.

After Christmas new spring is waiting for us again. Some may think it’s too soon to look after spring already but that’s what I do right after Christmas every year. It brings me hope and strength and after all we are going for brighter days…

Enjoy now and remember to rest also!

ADVENT CALENDAR 22.12. (Christmas desserts)

Hello hello…

Today I’m gonna share you a few Finnish Christmas dessert resipes. These are delicious.

There is two kind of rise porridge recipes. First one is more traditional and the second one is again Hans Välimäki version so it’s the chef version and little bit different. I’m sure it’s worth to try!

Hans Välimäki’s rice porridge (rice pudding)

First Cook the porridge with vanilla bean and sugar. Add little bit salt. Let the porridge cool, add 1 or 2 gelatine, beaten whipped cream and lemon skin. Eat wit plum kisel.

ADVENT CALENDAR 20.12. (Rosolli salad)

Today 20.12. my calendar will show you how to make traditional Finnish rosolli salad.

There is two different videos and two different ways to make it. The first one is the most typical way to do it, but in my mind rosolli absolutely needs also herring and onion (which are not included in that video). Many people don’t use herring in rosolli cause everybody doesn’t like that. I love it! It gives great salty taste to salad. It also depend which part of Finland you (or your family) are from whether you use it or not.

The alternate version (made by famous Finnish chef Hans Välimäki) looks interesting too. This was totally new way to me to make rosolli salad. I think I should try it!

Rosolli salad is great with gravlax and cooked potatoes as a starter dish.

Good night!


19. advent calendar will send you greetings from shopping centre ”Sello” (Espoo). There was this beautiful golden reindeer outside…

In addition I want to recommend you this glogg I bought today from Lidl. It’s flavoured with saffron and it’s very aromatic and smooth glogg (alc 2,2%)! It’s really good! I think I need more soon. (It’s only 0,5l bottle, so it will empty quickly!)

Good night!

ADVENT CALENDAR 18.12. (Shared time with close ones)


Tv is ful of Christmas commersial where the main thing is to get us buy something. We should buy this and we should buy that.

Presents are needles. Of course children like presents but I don’t think adults need those. Usually presents are anyway something quite useless. Some trinkets, cups or mugs everybody already have more than they even need… You can spare your money…for something you really need!

The most important thing in Christmas is something else than presents. The most important thing is your closest one; your family, close relatives (and close friends). People are the main thing, not presents. Shared time is precious. You’ll never know how much there is that time left. One day you can be alone, and when that day comes, you don’t miss the presents, you miss people!

ADVENT CALENDAR 17.12. (Christmas street opening)

Joulun aika (poem)

Joulun aika, sen satumainen taika, saapunut luoksemme on.

Ystävyyttäsi toisille jaa, kukaan riitaa haastaa ei saa.

Free translation

Christmas time
(Christmas time with it’s fairytaily magic have came upon us.

Friendship to others share, no-one can defy fight.)


It’s already 17.12. The days are flying like birds…

If you want to get on Christmas mood, do watch my video from the traditional opening of Christmas street at Helsinki (Aleksander’s street).

Good night!

ADVENT CALENDAR 16.12. (Childhood christmases)

Let’s see what todays calendar is about…

…Right it’s about my childhood christmases which were so lovely! I will never forget those days. Being with my grandma, playing with the christmas tree decorations (like the tree is the forest where those elves, angels and birds are living), waiting anxiously for presents opening and then in the evening playing with those new toys…

In those photos you can see my parents and my grandma (passed away 1996). All of those photos are taken in late 80’s and in early 90’s. In that last photo I’m dancing ballet which I was doing almost all the time by those times. As you can see my grandma is applausing to me gladly…

Have a nice day!