ADVENT CALENDAR 20.12. (Rosolli salad)

Today 20.12. my calendar will show you how to make traditional Finnish rosolli salad.

There is two different videos and two different ways to make it. The first one is the most typical way to do it, but in my mind rosolli absolutely needs also herring and onion (which are not included in that video). Many people don’t use herring in rosolli cause everybody doesn’t like that. I love it! It gives great salty taste to salad. It also depend which part of Finland you (or your family) are from whether you use it or not.

The alternate version (made by famous Finnish chef Hans Välimäki) looks interesting too. This was totally new way to me to make rosolli salad. I think I should try it!

Rosolli salad is great with gravlax and cooked potatoes as a starter dish.

Good night!


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