Finnish people are the happiest people in the world…again (If you do believe media). Normally I wouldn’t be so sure about that. When I first heard that I thought that: ”Really, again. Who are those people you have been interviewing?” I didn’t quite believe it…but now…It’s Midsummer, the weather have been great and I’m sure Finns are the most happiest people right now!

A cute ”midsummer squirrel” looking at me and obviously wondering what am I doing with my phone.

We’re having the brightest summer days here. This is so unique! We’re having more Sun shine than almost any other place in the world! The sun is shining all day long!

I always say that this is our price after long winter. When you had been suffering a long time in darkness, you’ll get this big price.

You can see the difference. People are so happy and smiling, talking more to strangers. The opposite compared to winter. So it seems to be very much an weather issue. Winter makes people (more) sad, summer makes them (more) happy! (Still, the news of this topic were published at March, so the interviewing have been probably made just little bit before that -surprisingly-).

My herring breads today! So good!!

By the way, all of the Scandinavian nations were at top 10. Obviously we’re doing something right here in north, even it’s not always so easy to see or valuable when you’re living here. I also see the difference to worser society which is (more or less) worldwide problem.

Anyway, I am not going to analyse this more. The sad thing is that right after midsummer the days are getting shorter but I try not to be thinking that. Luckily you don’t see the difference for a long time. We will get the bright days much much more (unless it’s rainy -which I really wish it’s not-). So all Finnish people do enjoy now. It’s the best time of the year…and the weather have been so great here, specially yesterday! (Midsummer weather is often ironically actually quite bad in Finland).

I also wish you all around the world have been having a HAPPY MIDSUMMER!