I finally will be posting this post about my fathers funeral which have been waiting of it’s realisation for long time…too long time actually. (By the way, all these beautiful linked songs were played at the funeral).

We spent my fathers funeral with family (and the closest ones) on 27.7. at Töölö church which was his home church. That’s why we wanted to spend the funeral there. We were lucky to make it happend cause the church is very popular. (On the video below you can see how beautiful this church is.)

It’s also my confirmation church…and when I was a little school girl, I was singing on schools choir. We were performing in that church on every school event.

At the same time I was accompanying on church agency. By then we made weekend trips to place called ”Sipuli” (Onion) and always met on church garden where the bus did leave.

So ”Töölö church” is very nostalgic place to me. It has been years without visiting in this church. It was kind of like time trip to me…but not happy one this time…

When I arrived on the church I was thinking me of little girl standing there on the yard of the church. I was thinking my life by then and how happy I was. How everything was (almost) perfect by then. I think I didn’t really realise how perfect it was or could be grateful of that. Sure I couldn’t cause I didn’t know anything else. I didn’t know the other side of the life by then. I was so innocent…

Now it was totally different. Now I was first time in my life blessing one of my family members to the rest of grave. Even it was the day of sadness, the thing which made me happy on that day was all people who came there and who I got to see after a long time.

It was unreal to see the coffer of my father. The white box with blue and white flowers. In some way I didn’t really believe that he’s in there even though I new it. Every familymember had one rose to put on coffer and with that we left goodbye to my dad.

After blessing at coffee service the mood was more relaxed. There was really good strawberry cheesecake and ham sandwich cake which were both made by my brothers girl friend. She likes to bake so she wanted to arrange the service which was great!

Now my father has got his blessing. Life goes on…

My mother don’t always remember that father is gone but it will come to her mind right away when you mention it. It’s these things which I rather would not like to remind her.

I remember one great postcard text:

”sometimes it’s better forget than to remember”.

I agree with that!