It’s Christmas time. Time to calm one’s mind and spend peacefull days with closest ones…

…time to love…

…and time to memorize those who’s not there anymore. In my inner circle there is quite many of those who’s gone already. They live only in my memories and I have gave my thoughts to them as every Christmas.

With warm thoughts I will remember this year specially my father (who passed away on July) but sure also my grandma and grandpa and all of you my deceased closest ones…

Also don’t forget to rest and enjoy on Christmas days.

Let this Christmas be full of love without any weekday stress!!



Kuvaesitys vaatii JavaScriptin.

The liquorice on the photo of this slide show is the genuine old Vyborg liquorice in year 1906. It was the home town of my grandpa who was born in 1904.


My dear home land is 102 years old today. I’m so grateful I have been blessed to grow and live here, one of the best places on the world!

Even though we’re usually wining and seeing the negative things (I’m not the one to blame), on our independence day I have to admit Finland is still quite good land to live! It’s peaceful, it’s beautiful (full of lakes and forests) and it’s pioneer on many things! Finnish people are honest. One good example of that is the fact we’re the only country in the world who have payed all war debts.

I have to say this (and today it’s the least I can do): I LOVE FINLAND AND FINS!


On Wednesday I was at interesting photo exhibition at library, where were old photos on ”Pakila-Paloheinä” districts in Helsinki. The oldest photos were taken on the early 1900 and the newest on 1980’s(-1990’s). Many of those photos were taken on winter war. There were books also, about war and bombing in whole Helsinki and about these named districts. It took a long time for me cause I got so exited to read those books and taking pictures. Part of those pictures you can see here.

The old wartime News. Newspaper: Finnish social democrat. Headlines: ”The contract of truce have been written”.”Finland is loosing ”Karelia” and ”Petsamo”. ”Porkkala” for bace.””

There is my old school on the right. It got hard hits on bombing in February 1944.

Kuvaesitys vaatii JavaScriptin.

On this slide show you can see for example Presidents House, sailors home, Senat market, an old historic building on the ”Rauhankatu”. (Ironically rauha means peace in finnish). Those all got hard hits on those same bombings 1944. There’s also ”St.Lauri” church at Vantaa -before and after- the year 1893 major fire catastrophe. The last photo includes: 1.Estonia theater (made by finnish designers: Wivi Lönn & Armas Lindgren) which was destroyed on Tallinn bombing and

2. Middle Ages church at The Tallinn old town. Later the church was renowed and replaced with museum and concert hall.

Old Schoolbuildings.

First photo: The residents of Pakila at shelter course at November 1939. The last one: Soldiers are marching at Pakila 1944.


  • Residents about 120 000, Whole population 265 000
  • Massive bombings 6.-7.2. & 16.-17.2. & 26.-27.2.1944
  • Bombers about 2000
  • Bombs about 2600 tons
  • Bombs to the main city under 5%

I hope you all have had a great independence day! Good night!

Photos and other source:

Helsinki massive bombing 1944

Helsinki’s rural municipality history 1865-1945 (these days: Vantaa town).