I was lucky to see this very beautiful sun set (through the window) on metro station last autumn.

I kind of ”promised” you long long time ago to make some post more were I’m showing you Helsinki. Now I finally made one. It took some time but better later than ever. So here you are!


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In this slide show you can see the beautiful ”Kallio” area church.


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This is the old famous library in Helsinki City…


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…and here you can see…

  1. The very beautiful Johannnes church which is my parents wedding church. 11 years before my birth, my parents married there. I can almost see them walking down the stairs…This new gothical church is the beautiful landmark of Helsinki.
  2. On the opposite of this church there is a renowned school where I have been painting pipes as a summer job years ago.

These next slide shows are from ”Hakaniemi” area. It’s a beautiful seashore zone, where’s lots of boats (many of those working as restaurants) and some of those are ferryboats running for example to Suomenlinna island and to Korkeasaari zoo. I was walking there on one beautiful, warm summer day and took these photos. (I rather walk these days as much as I can than use the public transport, specially as lovely day as this was). Luckily I did (walk) because this little afternoon walk inspired me so much that I finally ended up to finish this post.


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This statue: ”Maailman rauha” (=World peace) is the present from Moskova, made by Oleg Kirjuhin. It was bestowed right after Berlin wall crumbled.


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On this slide show you can see:

  1. A nice pink house on the area called: ”Sörnäinen”.
  2. A statue on ”Vallila” area. (Don’t ask me about this statue, don’t know any details).
  3. A beautiful, old wooden houses on ”Vallila” area.

That’s all by now. I’ll try to write sooner next time. I was gonna share you for example my experiments on korona time for long time ago but I have had so much going on in my life that I got no chance to make that post. I will make it as soon as possible.

Have a nice week!

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    • Helsinki is beatiful, even though I’m quite blind to that in my everyday life (always lived here) but sometimes when I’m outside and the weather is great, it just hits me…how beautiful this city really is. It’s jut that there’s often so dark and gray (really depressing) when this city is not so beautiful). In the summertime Helsinki is the best!

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