I found this video on YouTube about week ago and I wanted to share this with you. This is awesome video! You should definetly watch this! (The beginning is boring but just wait a second. It will get better, trust me…)

I’m sure you’ve seen many Titanic dokuments, interviews, movies and so on and maybe you think this is the same again. You know what happened. They hit the ice berg and Titanic sunk. You’ve heard that story…but this is different…

Could I be one of them?
When I was younger I often saw a dream where I was on the boat and that boat was sinking. Last time when I saw that kind of dream was before our latest boat trip.Luckily nothing happened… but who knows maybe I was on Titanic in my previous lifeThat could be the reason for my dreams and for my strong feelings while watching this video…😉

This video brings you to Titanic like you’ve been there yourself with all those people. You can feel the spirit of that time. You can feel what it was like to be bourgeois (woman) and dance viennese waltz at salon at the time when women were women and men were real gentlemen. You can feel how you’r flowing on the dance floor when those gentlemen will skillfully take you (like I always wanted to flow-but what is almost impossible to get to experience today). It was fascinating time! (I would love to visit there if I could have time machine).

You can also feel the growing panic. You can feel the despair and how it feels when you know you might not see tomorrow.

One thing I can’t understand. Why they left the lifeboats half empty? What’s the reason for that? On this video you can hear how they were told to turn back but they didn’t. They just said: ”it’s our life now, not yours anymore”, and rowed away. Quite cruel but panic makes many of us cruel. Everyone just wants to survive.

This 112 years ago happened tragedy is still fascinating and I think it always will be.

(*If you like classic/viennese waltz music, you will love this!*)

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    • There’s also other Titanic movies than that romanticized 1997 movie which I assume you ment. I have seen it many times (also in movies 1997) and I have seen one of the older movies too.


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