GIVING TUESDAY/*TEKOJEN TIISTAI* 1.12.2020 (Advent calendar 1.door)

May the angels be with you!

Tehdään hyvää yhdessä!

Let’s do some good together!

Tuesday 1.12. is giving tuesday. You can participate for example with donations, or by taking a godchild (through an organization like Plan where you will get a child in need as your godchild for a small monthly fee), or you can just help someone on your close circle for example your neighbour!

I would love to take a godchild too, I’ve been thinking it for a while, but I have no extramoney by now so have to move this forward…Also I would love to give charity money to Finnish Canser Foundation and surely someday I will do that too! Finnish Canser Foundation studies the Finnish cansergenetics so that’s why I choose the Finnish Foundation. It can help reduce cancers typical of Finnish genes in the future and reduce cancer deaths which are already too many (like my farther)!

On this pandemictime we can’t move properly (atleast by public transport), so it’s not possible for me for example go to see my mother who’s living in senior home by now. She moved there about month ago because of her alzheimer which progressed so much that she couldn’t live at home anymore. I have been missing her and would love to see her but I think it’s safer just to call her. So that I will do…

Also I decided to be on this special day a lovely common-low wife to my partner. Atleast I try to be. Lately I have been so stressed and tired all the time that I have to admit I haven’t been very nice to him. So atleast for this one day I will be nicer. I have planned that I will clean in the kitchen (cause it have been so messy a long time), then maybe wash the laundry and then I’m going to bake an apple pie all by myself. So I also make the pie bed myself. Never done it before but I found a good oat cookie recipe which I already tested. I think this cookie bed will be great for apple pie. If it succeeds I will share the recipe here!

So my plan for giving tuesday is to be a better common-low wife and to be in touch with acquaintances (maybe except to call my mother, call to someone I haven’t call for long time ago too)!

Let’s see if there’s enough time for all this, cause unfortunately one day is only 24 hours and I think at some point I should sleep too. Last night I slept only 2 hours and night before that 6,5 hours and not very much before that too…but yes, let’s see. I’ll do what I can…

Participate in this day of good acts!

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