ADVENT CALENDAR 3.Door An Apple-peach pie

If you want to try this ”pie” here is the recipe for you but I warn you again, this is not so fixed as on photos. If you don’t mind, then why not to try…I used one oat cookie recipe as base which I like (but I wondered if this base is not quite suitable as a pie base just as such, because it was so loose. How ever the taste was good).

This becomes a small ”pie” or dose. If you have more than two eater or you have bigger oven pan then add more ingredients…

1 tablespoon flour

1teaspoon baking powder

1dl sugar

2dl oatmeal

50g butter


On the top:

2 apples

2-3 canned peachalves



(peach juice-this can make the base watery which happened to me but it was good…You can also put some more oat like I did but the base was still soft. Maybe you should add much more oat…decide yourself)

1. Remove the apless from the hut and make slices of them. Make slices of peaches too.

2. Make the base. Mix dry ingredients together. Add melted butter and egg. Stir lightly do not beat.

3. Place the base on top of the pan or sheet metal. Add apple and peach slices on top of the bese. Add sugar and cinnamon.

4. Bake in oven about 200 degrees 30-40 minutes. The baking time and degrees depends on your oven. (I think my time and degrees was too low but the edge burns easily so watch it!)

This is best enjoyed with vanilla sauce if you have it. I didn’t have this time. Next time should add the old times vanilla sauce which is my favorite!

(I know I’m late again with this but my day rhytms are so bad right now so pleace for give me… and also I fumbled with this post at first. I wrote this two hours and it was already ready but I lost it. The post was not saved…So I had to start all over again…)

Till Tomorrow, good night!


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