Adventcalendar 2.Door Helsinki-Punavuori before and now

On this fascinating video clip you can see how the Punavuori (as red mountain) area on Helsinki have changed over the years. Horses have changed to cars (which have increased all the time and which made me really think about how much pollution it has added) and houses have mostly changed from wooden houses to stone houses. Some beautifull buildings we unfortunately have been dismantled and replaced those with boring boxhouses.

It’s something magical when you see time changing in the blink of an eye! You can feel how time passes and we are all just small human beings in history. For a while those people lived and loved just like you. They felt anger, disappointment, sadness, regret and all the same feelings that you are feeling now in your life. Just like that they disappears. In the blink of an eye they were gone and so are you too…

By the way do you see the woman in 1900s in section 5:30. If you stop the video, you can see she’s in wrong time. Part of the buildings have changed already but that woman with her old dress is still walking there. Looks like she’s in wrong time dimension…

(*I’m sorry, that this advent calendar post is late.*)

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