ADVENT CALENDAR 6. DOOR Finnish Independence Day

Our Independence Day delicasys. This Fazer coconut chocolate is my favorite. It’s quite new flavor but so good!! (Those marsh malloes trying to present Finnish flag.)

It’s 6.12. again. The day which is important for all Finns (or atleast it should be although it seems that some young people no longer value this so much): The Independence day! For me this is the day when I recall the experiences of my grandparents during the war and be greatfull to them and all for those who was in war or was supporting our society at that time! I will always cherish my grandparents memories on my mind. I think many young people can’t value our independence cause they don’t have similar interface to it. They don’t have close ones who would have experienced war and they haven’t heard the family stories related to the war. It’s sad if people will forget how we came here and don’t understand the meaning of our culture! It should never be forgotten!

Sure we had ”Karelian pies” even I didn’t done those myself. I bought those from grocery store (from the freezer) but these are really good. You bake those in oven and those will be fresh, warm and almost like you’ve done those…but one thing I made, I made the egg butter on pies which is simple but good…and traditional with ”Karelian pies”!

This is video made by my favorite vlogger (kakku monsteri as cake monster). She’s so great baker! Any subject it is, you just name it, she makes a cake out of it! Here’s her Independence Day cake. Looks fantastic! (finnish only).

By the way, this year we didn’t have the annual presidential Independence Day admittance because of covid -19 but in it’s place was seen great program where the presidential couple was interviewed and there were music performances, the beautiful Finnish photos sended from tv-audience, war veteran interview and so on. I would say this was very good option to normal celebration (where has been seen celebrities and other notable people; their handshake with presidential couple, (which takes too long at the beginning), then later dancing and interviewes. Surely the biggest topic the next day is always party dresses.) It’s just the same every year. There will be heard almost the same songs also every year so this was great variation!

Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää!

(Happy Independence Day!)

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