ADVENT CALENDAR DOOR 15. -Laugh more, live more

Door 15. Opens…

At that time the smile was still delicate!


Did you know that adults laugh too little? I read an article about this years ago.

Laughing is like sportperformance. It makes really good to your body!

So even if you don’t feel like laughing. Even if you feel your life is just gray, tiring everyday life. That you have a pile of responsibilities and constant rush or worry on the ground. Maybe this pandemic has made you depressed and anxious about life. Maybe you feel like you have no reason to laugh but try anyway.

Try to find those little joys. Try to have fun and joke! One really good thing to do is to watch funny videos or movies! Especially during this difficult time finding joy would be important!

I know I’m not laughing enough anymore myself either. On younger age I was laughing almost every day. Where do we loose this skill?

Some joyfull days I’ll always remember…

Like one summer night years ago on our summer resort. We were on the terrace of the old dance floor. There was my mother and one of our family acquaintances (Let’s call her Aila). I think father went to check something on Aila’s man’s car together with him. (My father was car fitter.) So we women stayed with each other. (There were no other visitors on the terrace by then.) I don’t spesifically remember what it was we laughed but we were joking something about those men. I only remember I laughed in a curl and we all did. There was a wonderfull frehness of the summer night in the air…Such days are rare these days…today Aila and my father has left among us and my mother has Alzheimer’s…

’till tomorrow…

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