Different DAMSON PLUM JAM TARTS/erilaiset joulutortut

Christmas is already over but I baked even more on Christmas eve and wanted to share those photos with you. We didn’t have anything special this year to do with my housemate (we wanted to be isolated because my housemate had been feeling a little sore) so I thought that why not to bake and I got an idea to use my gingerbread molds. When I started to bake and those molds were on the table, in front of my eyes, it just suddenly came in my mind that I could use those in a way I never thought before. I don’t understand how I had not come to think of that…

I realized that I can use molds like those are used when making ginger breads but you just have to make double pattern for every tart. Then you’ll get the cover whereby you can close the tart (and between those two dough molds, of course, comes the filling).

I used also the same triangle model which I used with ginger breads. https://tanssitytto.wordpress.com/2020/12/21/advent-calendar-door-20-my-gingerbreads/ Those are nice, don’t you think? Quite different looking than the ginger bread versions but nice. That Christmas tree version I made without mold with freehand.

In addition to marmalade (apple-cinnamon) tarts I made salty versions where I put cheese in. Those were real good! That apple-cinnamon marmalade I also used first time. Earlier I’ve always used the classic plum marmalade but this apple-cinnamon version has been a newer hit filling in Finland (and also plum marmalade was out of stock) so I tried this new one. It was very good!

The new year and new ways will soon begin. I do not wish for anything so much that the coming year would be better than the current one (which, though, wouldn’t require much)! I hoped for this last year too, but this year was finally even worse, horrible than I could have ever imagined! Wouldn’t it finally come a better time now?

I think the next time we’ll meet will be next year…

Be well until then!

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