Take care of ourselves and each other! Let’s do what is needed no matter how tired we are!

You can say I’m hysteric and yes, I know I am but I can’t do anything about it I get scared every time I hear a cough nowhere near me, and that I try to avoid this happening the best I can. Like I sometimes jumped from one side of the street to the other, if someone is coming up, dodging the oncoming (like yesterday). Nor do I like to talk to strangers (sounds very Finnish, right? but that’s not usually how I am. Normally I like to talk to people and actually many Finns, specially women do talk to people). However, these days when I wouldn’t want to do that, I sometimes find myself in situations where I have to, like last time yesterday…

I was coming at market and I was about to go to another convenience store pick up a few things. The store is on the way back home. It’s expencive and small so I usually make my main purchase at that bigger market but there’s few things I can buy at that small store. (I don’t have to carry all the shopping for such a long distance, nowadays I shop less often and I buy more at once so this makes it a little easier. Going to that store is just worth scheduling so that there is no congestion of any kind, (the best time is in the morning) otherwise you don’t dare go there because the store is so cramped.) So I was on my way to that little store when I saw that there is senior woman walking towards me. I turned back (mad? I know but I’m afraid of getting infected so much) and went around the corner (to a safe distance) to wait for her to pass by. Suddenly she stopped and I heard her yelling something to me. I wondered why she was yelling at me. She was worried that I was about to cross that slippery path I stood at. ”Don’t go there”, she yeld. ”It’s really slippery.” It really was. So I said back to her: ”No I won’t go there, I’m just waiting”. I don’t think she heard everything cause she continued talking. I don’t remember everything she said but it was something about I should get around from the other side. I repeated that I am not going on a slippery path and I started to get annoyed. I probably sounded like that too. Luckily we had a distance of two to three meters and both had masks but still…I didn’t want to get stuck in there to explain that I was just waiting for her to pass by and that I was on my way to the store. Luckily I didn’t have to, because she finally understood to continue the journey…and I, too, was able to continue mine. It is sad to get angry about so small things. However, I am so frustrated and I don’t miss any extra discussions. I would like to say: ”take care of your own business” but I did not dare to do that. Anyway I went to that store and made my shoppings. Everything seemed to be quite fine before…

*We still live in exceptional times. Don’t forget that!!*

I was at park near by our home, more specifically, I was in the park gazebo. There I usually put my mask on and also take it of when coming back. By doing so I can breathe in the fresh air for a moment. I can’t keep the mask for very long or I get breathing symptoms so this is my habit. Also that usually is a very peaceful place where you can be at ease. So I went there to take of my mask. I got it of and listened that peaceful silence. I greedily breathed wonderful fresh air when some man with dog suddenly appeared in front of me (I had not seen them). That man walked along the path ahead and I just prayed the god he would not cough. I turned and walked few steps farther (as far as I could) but I couldn’t move very far cause I was in that gazebo and the exit was in front of where this man just was and where I didn’t want to go. I waited for a moment and just when I thought I survived…it happened…a cough…I’m not sure where he was at that moment but it sounded like he was quite near. However, I did not dare to turn and look, because then I could have been infected. I was already almost at the breaking point. I was pretty sure he was almost behind my back. I was just wondering why this was supposed to happen when I was almost home. Why he couldn’t wait a moment and cough away from me (there was no one else nearby). Well, I had to come back and try to calculate the distance between us. I realized it luckily must have been 2-3 meters atleast, maybe more if he had walked farther but those who move with a dog often keep stopping when they walk, so I’m not sure if he stopped behind me…Well, I guess two meters should suffice unless it is a British variant…Fortunately, there is probably not so much of it in Finland yet…

*Only by doing the right thing can we overcome this situation and return to normal!*

The other day, instead, I felt I was receiving protection from an angel. I was in the park even then and I had taken off the mask. For some reason, I felt it was better to go home another way than usually and so I did. I went a small path next to the kindergarten, instead of going the actual way. A short distance away I heard a cough from the road. This man would have come against me if I had gone down the road. He would probably have coughed on my face. On that day I really felt that I was protected from above…

By the way, my mom got that vaccine already (in the nursing home) and she’s ok what was great to hear! I first thought that maybe I dare take the vaccine now with a better mind. Though, I don’t think I’m going to get the same vaccine, so the effects may be different…Well, let’s see…anyway I can’t live long like this or I will go crazy soon, so I think the vaccine is just a must take…

Stay safe everyone! I hope the Guardian Angels are with you!!

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Pave was involved in many bands when he was young before his 80’s solo career which was the golden age of his career. One of these bands was: ”Rock’n Roll Band” (bass and vocals) They had only one big hit: ”I’m Gonna Roll” (-singer Pave Maijanen, listen to from above ). Second vocalist and also guitarist of the band was my absolute favorite of Finnish artists: Dave Lindholm who have made so many amazing songs. On the drums was Affe Forsman. The band was founded by Janne Ödner (but he is often not considered a full member). The band was short-lived. It was established in 1975 and it disintegrated as early as the end of the same year before their album came out. Still this song: ”I’m Gonna Roll” is basic rock at it’s best. It still works well today!

One more detail about Pave. He was an active veteran hockey player, Joker fan and good friend of Teemu Selänne (which I didn’t know until I read about this after Pave’s death). Teemu remembered Pave with warmth! According to him, Pave was a positive and good friend from whom he received energy and support.

We will miss you, Pekka Juhani ”Pave”!

Pave saa laulaa nyt enkelikuorossa…

Jäämme kaikki kaipaamaan sinua!


On Saturday I heard the sad news again: Popular Finnish singer, song writer, musician and producer Pave Maijanen (1950-2021) has left us at the age of 70 after suffering from ALS for two years. Pave Maijanen was icon of my childhood. He represented, among other things Finland at ESC 1992 with the song ”Yamma Yamma” (which was not a success and no wonder why). That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have great hits and he truly had (few examples: Elämän nälkä, Kaikki nämä vuodet, Ikävä, Pidä huolta).

Pave Maijanen was also one of the ”Masters lineup”. There are/were three more soloists in so called Masters (Hector-Heikki Harma, Pepe Willberg and Kirka-Kirill Babitzin (1950-2007)). They all made concert tour together in 1999 named: ”masters in the arena” and they also sold an album of the same name which sold triplaplatin.

I once saw Pave live. I remember it like yesterday. It was about 11-13 years ago when I called my dad and asked him if he would go with me to Pave’s gig which was in a beer pub near where my parents lived (and which was my family’s haunt place by then). He instantly said ”yes”, like I new he would. He was always ready if there was a music event on offer (unless it was heavy, punk, techno/trance, or folk music). He was really a musical person.

My mother was not interested of that gig so she stayed home. We walked to the pub with my father from my parents place (only 5min.walk) and there my father called my brother and asked him to come there too because, surprisingly he had nothing else to do by then. (Usually his weekends are full of program). So he came (little later). That was fun evening! Pave did perform all of his best hits and the atmosphere was on the roof! I also remember one comic relief, he used along the evening: ”Välihuikkaa-huliväikkää”. ”Välihuikka” means ”gulp in between” (huliväikkä is just word translation, it means nothing). This he said when he drunk (presumably water). In that way he encouraged us others to drink at the same time and maybe it also made people order more drinks…That evening, when life was in order for a while, will never be forgotten.

These are the mornings when I don’t know, whether it is worth getting up or stay in bed
Pull the blanket over your head, and bury under a rocky shell
In the morning the heart beats alone, and you can’t get through the mourning mountain
Fear moves along the darkness, it feels like the day don’t rise
And then like the breath of the morning wind, Something fills this little room
It finally wakes me up
Chorus: the hunger of life strikes me hard, does not spare its strength
It pulls me up
The hunger of life sits on your shoulder, tells you to leave here
It encourages me to move forward
Hunger of life, encourages me forward…
Chorus: All these years, Underneath them, if you could escape
It could be a lot easier, always just go ahead
All these years, are shackled in my soul
Oh, I wish I knew how to: I will break the rope
I make the iron rise, I get the wind howling
To get up...

So one of the Masters is gone again. One era is over. Thank you for your music; your beautiful melodics and touching lyrics! Thank you for enriching the world for a moment!

Kiitos kauniista lauluistasi, Pave ja kiitos kun rikastutit maailmaamme hetken musiikillasi!



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Pan cake

I love pancakes and because there has been more extra time since last year, I’ve made those quite often! Here’s my latest version of them which was sooo delicious!!!

Pan cake

Pan cake

I added gingerbread crumb on top which brought more crispness to this and the flavors fit together really well!

The strawberryjam, banana and gingerbread was really good together!

I also added some x-tra margarine and it made this even more tasty (and more brown)!

Those turquoise spots are sugar mass which I used at Christmas to decorate gingerbreads. I accidentally decorated all of those gingerbreads (which I was not meant to do cause I new I will make gingerbread buns with those crumbs later). I tried to take that sugar mass off when made buns but I didn’t get everything out so there’s it in crumbs. Actually it looks very nice, don’t you think? Those are like part of the decorating.

A yammy dessert!

You can find the recipe here (only in finnish):

A YEAR OF FEAR and self-care 2020

If year 2020 was food, what would it be for you?

If I think abut 2020 as a food it could be lemon. It’s bitter enough like the year was…

More seriously, this year started great thus that I got email from my mother’s nurse today. She said that my mother will get the covid-19 vaccine. It was asked from her whether she wants it or not and she said absolutely yes! It was good news for me…even though I knew she wanted it as soon as possible…

That nurse also said my mother has got two friends in the nursing home she’s living and their stuff is funny! One day they planned to go underwear shopping with one of those friends, according to the nurse.

Well, one day when I called her, she said she’s in hotell… Right…(If you didn’t know she has an Alzheimer’s)…but apparently the treatment is good…and let me say my mother is still quite good to talk with. I can talk to her almost completely normally but I think it depends on which way the other one is leading the conversation…I remember her from the facts unlike the patients there.

My real purpose in this post was to correct a bit of the previous one! I named that post as a ”Black year” and only mentioned all the bad things happened forgetting that not all was bad in 2020. Here I’m listing the good things:

  • I learned to bake -finally- (never had time before)

  • I learned to take it easy and focus on my wellness (This was a huge thing for me. My life before corona was so hectic and I didn’t realize that the thing I really needed was to stop and rest, do something what I really want to do, not only follow obligations. In addition to relaxing, I started to stretch my badly stuck back, I did breathing exercises (due to my respiratory symptoms) and found great netflix series and movies (my favorite serie: ”Jos en olisi tavannut sinua” (if I hadn’t met you).)

  • I had time to do more my own things like this blog and participate on writing contests and things like that (I loved to get more time to make my blog and I think it gets still better and better now when I have time to plan carefully and thoughtfully for every detail which I haven’t before. I took this one of my targets also, to make this blog better and to post more often. Also because I love writing, I participated some writing contests and I wrote my thoughts on the corona era on a Finnish site: the collection of archives.)

Globally, the year was not just black either. Like I mentioned earlier, nature have been greatfull of the year 2020. Like people it has gained more of its ”own peace”.  Nature and the whole environment has been restored which is really big positive thing of the year! Maybe this was supposed to happen. We could not stop littering or polluting so we were forced into it.

NOTE: Watch my new pages:

  • Collaboration project/Yhteistyöprojekti
  • Interesting links (There’s for example my old cheerleading team videos, my gymnastics show videos and much more)


BLACK YEAR 2020 (& best posts)

These cinnamon/ginger bread buns I made on New Year’s Day (at night, when the year did change).

resepti/recipe (in finnish):


I haven’t had time to finish this new year post earlier but now I finally had just enough time to complete this so here it comes…

Year 2020 was so horrible that I ever want to live year like that again. It was definitely the most horrible year ever. Let’s look at everything the year contained:

  • First in the beginning of the year the covid -19 surprised everyone. I remember we read with my husband about a virus rife in China and we wondered if it could spread here as well. At first we were hopefull (atleast I was) but very soon it came clear that we would not escape this virus thanks for tourism.
  • As the incidence of infection increased, my spouce and I panicked and began to lose our mental health
  • I decided to take a summer vacation from work as early as April-May
  • Some time after my vacation I decided not to take (any new tasks so far) from my other job (where I am as a task worker), mainly because I got some health issues, like strange stomach upsets (irritable bowel syndrome suspicion) and back problems (old ones but it got worse sometimes). It also appeared that continued use of the mask caused severe respiratory symptoms. (I got an asthma suspicion later on summer -finally went to doctor when the pandemic calmed down for a while-).
  • However, I continued my second part-time job normally (just a few hours…and that ”customer” (=person to be assisted) -who’s also our family friend- is living near by us. She just moved (quite close), earlier she lived within walking distance. It was really easy and peaceful commute route which was so big relief.
  • In may my spouce’s mother suddenly passed away.
  • We did faight with my hubby more, mainly related to covid-19 (such as how to behave, how to act), the stress and fear was way too much for us.
  • My mother fell in the spring at her home and underwent hip surgery which, however, went well but after that long hospital episode, she could no longer return to home because she would not have gotten there with worsening Alzheimer’s. Therefore, she was applied for a place of care, which was found in the fall. She’s ok but I miss her cause I have not been able to meet her.
  • My spouce’s father was hospitalized for a while in late spring. At the moment he’s ok and home again but that caused also worry and stress for us.
  • Our car’s gas pump broke down and we could not order a new one from abroad apparently due to a pandemic (the pump is not available for automatic cars in Finland). This is the worst possible time for the car to break down.
  • There have been also problems related to the inheritance process and a wide variety of surprises as well as all kinds of headaches.

As you can see a lot has happened. Lots of sad and gloomy things…

Then something more positive. I want to share with you my best posts of 2020. Here are my ten most liked posts of 2020:

Here are my personal favorite posts which did not fit in the previous list:

I can only wish the year 2021 would be better than the previous one…for all of us…and…

…I hope the vaccines will finally help defeat this pandemic and we all could return to a normal life!!