#poetry #reminiscence #repost How I wish… Oh how I wish to turn back my life’s pages And be a child Sitting in my mother’s arm Feeling every bit of coziness and calm To do big blunders and go off easily To cry as much and not be judged Oh how I wish.. To fall off […]


This poem inspired me to write my own -planned- poem with this same idea. Hopefully no one is bothered that the idea is copied. However, I liked the end result and wanted to publish this just like that. I also have to say that the original one is really great! I love that poem…but my poem shows what the word wish at the moment first brings to my mind.

My wish

I wish I could walk on street without fear, without need to be looking out.

I wish this is not the end of life, not the permanent state.

I wish I can hug and touch some day, see all the colors, not just gray.

I wish the joy comes back for me, that joy once so pure and true.

I wish I could be free again, free to live and free to love, free to be friendly.

4 ajatusta artikkelista “MY WISH…

  1. Odd, how we think all these fears just temporary hiccups. But to have to live this way all the time, fearful of even walking down the street – this is no way to live.
    Even before the pandemic our daily lives were becoming uncomfortably harsh and erratic. I remember think, This cannot go on.
    I did not expect what happened, though. None of us did.

    What do we want to go back to? Certainly not how things were.

    Here’s hoping for better times.

  2. Ideas are free for all to use! No matter how many different poets draw inspiration from the idea of childhood wishes, each one will be unique. Yours is very emotional and touching. You’ve captured a lot of feelings with your words.


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