*Amazing pianist*

This very talented woman is my old clas mate! I remember how I admired her piano playing in the primary school when she was performing at different celebrations. Now when I heard her playing again, after about 30 years, I was that school girl again. I went in my mind to that ballroom and I felt the same feelings. The feelings of languor, the feelings of calmness. Her music touched that little, shy and quiet girl by then, the girl who lived for ballet and classical music and it still touches this life educated, middle aged woman in the current, totally different life situation. Even the world have changed and I have changed, my heart and feelings have not changed! In a way I’m still that little fearful schoolgirl who seeks her place and purpose and thirsting for beauty like this music!

Happy sunday and the official beginning of summer time (if it is used in your country)!

The evening is again an hour longer, I’ve been waiting for this!


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  1. While she may have found her calling in front of a grand piano, I believe you’ve also found your calling, albeit in front of a computer – typing out what’s on your mind and sharing your thoughts about the world!

    • Beautiful thought! Though then there was no such open internet (available to all) in the 80s and the beginning of 90s but however, I have always felt the fire for writing! By then I did write ”to the desk drawer”, as has been the saying. When the web became more widespread, I started writing more through it, although I didn’t have a blog for a long time. It came later but this is awesome when you can share your writings and thoughts with others around the world!

      • Actually I really wanted to be prima ballerina when I was in primary school…as so many other girls…Like I said by then there was no social media but I have been wondering how many of children these days dreaming of become social media influential person. When they watch those famous youtubers, I think many of them are dreaming of that if asked their dream job! 😁

  2. We are about to loose an hour so to speak – the end of our ”daylight savings” as we head into winter in Tasmania. I know where your are coming from with memories from childhood. For me there is a certain smell very occasionally when it rains that brings back childhood memories and thoughts of an accident on my bike while riding home from school in the rain. Funny how our minds hold on to certain things, tuck them away seemingly forgotten, only to re-emerge unexpectedly decades later to surprise us.


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