Tonight the Finnish Talent season culminated in the finals. In the video below you can see the performance of the winning team (circus Bravuuri).

The winner of the Talent Finland 2021: circus Bravuuri.

The final broadcast immediately began dramatically. The winner circus Bravuuri appeared first. In the middle of their performance, gold confetti rained on stage and they could not do all their tricks, as the confetti on the floor made them too difficult.

After the performance, presenter Mikko Leppilampi apologized for what happened, and an extra commercial break was added to the program. During that time, they wondered what they could do for the circus team. However, it was a finale, a really important performance and the show of this fine group was ruined due to a mistake of the program.

After the commercial break, the team was allowed to perform again. The show was amazing as you can see from the video!

Congratulations circus Bravuuri!

Onneksi olkoon, sirkus Bravuuri!


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