FREDI (1942-2021)

Matti Kalevi Siitonen ”Fredi” was a popular Finnish entertainment artist and musician. He had his own recognizable singing voice and the songs he sang were largely delicate, very beautiful, and melodic songs. Many of those became beloved evergreens.

Fredi released 13 studio albums, several collections and singles, of which more than 177,000 copies have been sold beyond the gold record limit. Fredi represented Finland twice in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Fredi is also remembered for the singing and entertainment quartet: ”Kivikasvot” (stone faces). The same line-up also made a show entertainment program with the name: ”Kivikasvot show” which was really popular in the 70s.

Source: Wikipedia

This evergreen hardly needs demonstrations. A beautiful song. Specially I like these finnish lyrics. This song became even closer to me after my father left. (This Finnish text is slightly different from the original, and here the father’s passing is mentioned). The idea of ​​loneliness is the same but the perspective is different, at least more touching and close to me. It may also be that I internalize the message better when it is sung in Finnish, but at least I personally feel that there is more depth in this finnish version. Here’s my free translation.

Alone again (Naturally)

When my memories take over me, I see my whole childhood

How I was scared at night and under the blankets I pressed my head

I still remember when I quietly sobbed, every bump was an abomination

And I felt a great longing, a longing to come

In the evenings when I closed my eyes

I dream of something far away like going to another world

And only later I understood all that

Alone again, naturally

When father died I was left alone, every night I saw mother cries

Like a cold and exuding emptiness I felt next to me for a while

So in vain did I seek the word of consolation

Every sigh, every consolation was a guest at the time insignificant

Everyone ones have to give up a loved one, the wounds only remain

I understood all that in tears of grief

Alone again, naturally


Everyone is lonely here, I quietly bend to my destiny

I fall into its arms, so alone and depressed


I searched oblivion in vain from you

I saw everything slipping and I felt the mundane emptiness in my chest

And in my mind again, I saw my former life

And I knew that all of us loses once out all beauti

Only longing remains

I guess the purpose of life, I sharked here in vain

I missed the answer

When emotion warmest ends to tears

Alone again, naturally



One of Fred’s best-known songs: ”The Third Line back”, has also been an ever-beloved piece for me, too. By the way, The Third line is a street in Kallio, Helsinki.

Yet another factor has left us. Fredi joined the angel choir, where he can now sing with her daughter.

I made a post about his doughter in 2018 when she passed away. You can read it here:

A peaceful journey Fredi.


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