Finally I will be free! On monday morning me and my spouce got our first vaccinations. I’m so happy of that!

Soon I can start living a more normal life again without constant fear which was already almost destroying me. Of course I can’t fully relax yet but I am much closer to that moment. Anyway, the situation here in Finland has made it easier with the summer and vaccinations. Today, there were only 6 new cases in Helsinki. I don’t remember when was the last time virus counts were equally small.

Monday’s vaccination day was exciting. We had been afraid all the time that there would be a lot of people in the place and that someone there would infect corona to us. We arrived on the ride of our friend. There was some queue on the outside and even more people inside. The vaccination itself in a small booth was rapid but after that each was directed to wait 15 minutes if you happen to get an allergic reaction. I thought my spouse is in the same hall where I was following the others but he was not visible. Someone in the hall coughed loudly all the time, even though if you have flu symptoms you should not even be vaccinated. Luckily I soon saw my spouse passing by in the hallway, outside the hall I was sitting. I ran after him and fortunately got out of the hall where the coughing woman was. There had been someone next to my spouse too who was constantly coughing and my spouse changed place. I heard the coughing voice still in the hallway where we were but there was a screen in between. Well maybe they had allergies or tobacco cough, don’t know about it…

Photos on our yard. It’s so beautiful in summer!


After a while we began to feel a little bit weak. For a moment we feared it was a vaccine, that we had an allergic reaction but it went away as soon as it came. Probably it was only due to the heat cause the day was really hot. About a quarter later we set off for a walk home. The distance was almost four km (over 2mi). We would have taken the city bikes from a nearby bike station but for some reason we didn’t get the bikes to work. The bike screens stayed off mode and the push buttons required for the code did not work. So we walked all the way home (because we don’t want to use the public transport). At least we got a decent walk. The weather was good too, so it was quite nice to walk although the heat was a little exhausting.

At home, I noticed muscle pain in my left hand (vaccination hand). The pain was similar as after training but the next morning that pain was almost gone. Neither has had any other symptoms. Well, on Monday night, my head ached, but it was surely due to the thunder that started then. Thunder is usually caused by headaches, or maybe I just drink too little…

I can hardly wait for the second vaccine in August although, on the other hand, it is exciting because I have heard that the second Pfizer vaccine can cause worse symptoms than the first. Well, let’s see…

Now I try to start enjoying summer more. I hope you all can enjoy it too, wherever you are!

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  1. Congratulations on your first vaccine dose! My spouse and I got our second Pfizer vaccine last week and it is such a relief! I was mostly just sore after the second dose, similar to the first dose, but my spouse did spend about a day and a half in bed because they got feverish and didn’t feel too good. But by two or three days after the shot they felt 100% back to normal!

    Your yard looks beautiful! I love the white blooms, do you know what they are called?

    • Thank you!
      I don’t know the name of that flower but I like it too! By the way, yesterday I realised those blooms are turned brown and was amazed! I wonder when did this happened and why. 🤔Maybe it’s because there have been quite dry but last night we got good rain! 👍 Happy Sunday for you! 😀

  2. I had my first yesterday at messukeskus. Same situation, long lines and a 15 minute wait afterwards.
    People walked in with masks and out without masks, even though they said you should keep up the same protocols as before.
    Hope you don’t have any further side effects 👍

    • Moi! Are you or are your spouse maybe Finnish? I did read your blog and you have beautiful photos there (from Finland I assume).
      Didn’t have any side effects atleast yet. I could imagine that there would be no more anything!

      • Moikka!
        My wife is Finnish, I’m Australian.
        I had a week of posts and pics from my time at the mökki, up near Mikkeli.
        I hope you it stays that way for you. I’ve heard of a few people who have suffered with some difficult side effects.

  3. We have just had our 2nd. And we walked there and back too – a little further than you (still don not trust buses).
    I react, but my wife does not so much. So, each vaccination has been flu head and a little nausea for a few days.
    It is nothing compared with the real illness.
    And what a lovely garden. You are a little further on than us: our elder are not yet in flower.

    • Congratulations! You are one step ahead of us! Fortunately, our age group already received vaccinations. Because younger Helsinki residents now have to wait their turn longer than expected -apparently until the fall-.

      Good upcoming week to you!

  4. I had my second shot of AstraZeneka in May without any ill effects and I feel much safer now. I’m still wearing a mask but that’s to save anyone having to look at my ugly mug. I hope you enjoy your Summer and have no ill effects from the second jab.

    • Apologies for the delay in my reply!
      I hope you too have enjoyed your summer! (and will enjoy the rest of it…) even the situation is gotten worse again 😱 and I’m back at the starting point. 🤗

  5. The moment you doubt yourself, giving into mass propaganda, in that moment, it might feel like freedom, but a part of you goes screaming into prison, for as in The Matrix, you have chosen the blue pill. Becoming part of mass hypnotism is no answer.

      • There’s something else, and this is for the readers as well. It’s an interesting human phenomenum, but I think I’m understanding it more with time. When a person is ”forced”, ”coerced,” ”peer pressured”, inundated, forced to believe something out of sheer mass, people will break up into three groups (This is something I learned while reading Nate Shiransky’s Fear No Evil, but it simply reminded me of what I noticed while growing up but didn’t have the words for it then.): 1) Those who don’t believe, but due to pressure, do believe, but with conflict inside, because they didn’t arrive at the beliefs on their own, out of real believing, but they must survive socially and economically. I do believe people suffer from diseases because of this. 2) Those who know the propaganda is not real, will not doubt themselves, and may have to endure the lies, but will do so with eyes wide open, knowing they’re going along where they must, but never buying into any lies. These are the people that have the best chance of turning things for the better. 3) Then, there are the true believers, who cannot live in conflict, so go with the strongest powers, often leading the charge, and targeting those who think for themselves as trouble makers. **It’s quite fascinating, but also a serious thing. But it’s also so easy to see, just by listening to how people talk and respond, watching their eyes. **This virus has the same numbers as all other flus. But if one goes along with this one, then ”they” know they can continue pushing buttons to control you in other arenas as well: all of your life.


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