Another funny Christmas song by my favorite singer: Arttu Wiskari. This song was also heard in the ”Life Only” tv-program.

ARTTU WISKARI-JOULUN IHME (The miracle of Christmas)

Although the snow does not cover the ground here, we also have Christmas traditions. This crazy family meets once a year. And no one would want to go there, but if you don’t drive or fly to grandma, only the legal part of the legacy would be left on your shoulder.

That’s why everyone pulls out three days of Christmas food without a sense. And everyone tries punches in their head not just looking at their own pole.

One will hardly survive it, but it happened differently this year.


Today we’re wishing Christmas peace for once without a punch scoop. The biggest of the Christmas wonders. Although the conversation is sticky, for once everyone remembers Christmas and it is the greatest of miracles.

Uncle receives a sweater as a gift, with reindeer running across the fence but it doesn’t hide Timppa’s beer gut. Aunt throws the gift skis away but in vain removed the antabuses. Irritated, she walks along the cottage room.

Suddenly, Grandma clears the table, digs a will from her pocket. Soon my days will end and then it will rain money on you.

Grandma’s words silence the cottage, this Christmas will be the last. The Christmas spirit was found today.


Today we’re wishing Christmas peace for once without a punch scoop…The biggest of the Christmas wonders.

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