Hi again for a long time!

Here’s a link to a post from my favorite blogger: a Christian woman who always has great subjects and an immersive writing style.

The topic of this post will surely touch us all in one way or another. I was particularly touched by this writing at the moment because of my recent loss(es).

Losses are something you will never learn to understand or fully accept. There is empty space in my heart for everyone who left, especially my family members.

We can do nothing for these, and with losses we are forced to learn to live because they are part of life.

That is why life should be appreciated and enjoyed, for you never know when the last day is.

Even if the last few years have been difficult, I believe better times are waiting for me too.

More thoughts on this topic in this link:


Here are two songs that both fit into the moment of loss, although the first of these is probably intended to be more like break up song. This song was my favorite about twenty years ago and yesterday it suddenly popped into my head. In this situation, it reminded me of my brother, and how I would never see him again.

The second song is my enduring favorite from a great Finnish singer who has had a long career.

Scandinavian Music Group: ”Ei mun oo hyvä olla yksin” (It’s not good to be alone)

English lyrics:

When it gets dark outside, I’m waiting for you

I sit by the kitchen window, there is no tobacco

There are boys standing on the street, I’m looking for you


There’s nothing here without you. There is nothing without you. It’s not good for me to be alone.

There’s nothing here without you and nothing will come of this without you. It’s not good for me to be alone.

The traffic has stopped, I listen to the echo

I look forward to the quiet corridor

I’ve been sitting here for many hours, my legs goes dead (legs goes dead) I’ve been sitting here for many hours, my legs goes dead (legs goes dead)


Kaija Koo: ”Kylmä ilman sua” (Cold without you)



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