Cream cheese Brownies

Hello again!

Here’s another Easter post to you. If you don’t have a miraculous thing to do at the end of Easter, try this recipe! I made my own version of this delicious dessert yesterday which can be found on ”Kakkumonster’s” You tube channel. I really recommend you to try this!

Here’s the recipe:

20×30cm casserole (or oven tray)

12 pieces


200g dark chocolate

175g butter

3,5dl/2 cup sugar

2dl/0,9 cups flour

0,5 teaspoon vanilla powder or 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar

a pinch of salt

3 eggs

cream cheese layer:

1 egg

200g unflavoured cream cheese

0,5 teaspoon vanilla powder or 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar

0,5dl sugar

(Tupla Double Layer White Nougat Suklaapatukka 48G)

I also put ”Tupla” chocolate (Finnish traditional chocolate) on that surface, but you can use what ever chocolate you like. However I have to say, this was good match. At first I did think this is not good fit but when I tasted it later again after refrigerated, it tasted very delicious!! ”Kakkumonsteri” put Kinder chocolate bars in the dough. I traded them for that ”Tupla” chocolate (on the surface). Below is a link to her recipe.


Melt chocolate and butter in a water bath (or mikrowave should also make up). Let it cool.

Prepare the cream cheese filling (mix all the ingredients together).

Add sugar in chocolate butter mix.

Mix the other dry ingredients together and add to the mixture. Stir. Add eggs and stir.

Pour the dough on to oven casserolle or tray lined with baking paper (as I did).

Spoon the cream cheese over the dough. Shape the surface with a spoon into marble.

Bake in oven 170 degrees 30-35min. If you use oven tray, the cooking time will be slightly shorter.

(Sprinkle pieces of chocolate on the surface if desired.)

Serving suggestion: Serve with (nougat) ice cream. (This was a great addition, although of course this goes without ice cream also). You can also choose the taste of the ice cream according to your own taste, for example chocolate and vanilla are surely also good, but in my opinion this nougat ice cream was really delicious. It had such good crunchy balls as well inside it.


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