I ordered food box to us to this day (25.4.) from Tokmanni (store). It is a box that contains 7 different meals. There are 2×600g packages for all meals and four different food box sets to choose from. For two people, the set has enough food for almost two weeks. That’s a lot of food for 50 euros.

We once ordered this same set with my spouse, and the price-quality ratio was so good that now I decided to re-order (the same) set with different meat and fish dishes (like casseroles and soups).

Last night I received a message announcing that my food box will arrive the next day at around 6-7pm. I waited all evening for food to arrive, but they never arrived. At first I thought the food was late, but 10.30. pm I stopped waiting. So we were left without food and the order has already been paid for online.

Luckily there were still meatballs at home that I ate late in the evening when I gave up waiting for my order to arrive. Hopefully the food will be delivered tomorrow (or more precisely today). If food does not arrive before evening tomorrow, I’m going to call and make a complaint about this.

Normally, they always deliver these food box orders on Mondays, so the order may be postponed until next week. We have the money calculated exactly, and there is no extra. This is tying up the money now, and yet we should buy something from the store if we don’t get our food order this week. This is so wrong when nothing is even reported. In general, all orders play pretty well in Finland. Even though they sometimes come late, they always come. This kind of activity makes you angry!

Anyway, I’m really tired and I have to go to sleep so good night, (good morning, or nice evening, whatever time of day there is)!

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  1. Hello. I have not heard of this, but in Espoo there some food boxes moving themselves. I do not know if you have seen this stunning dance, which I give a link now. You can study it thru this video and your dance:

    Zaouli dance natural trance:

    I wish that you are all right. Matti


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