Now as it’s fathers day, the first one without him (for me), I wanted to memorize my father. So there’s photos of my father and also some thoughts and dreams concerning my father’s passing away. I have now two timelines. The first is the time when my father was still a live. The second is […]

MATTI NYKÄNEN (1963-2019)

Today I was so shocked when I heard the news in the morning. Something very unexpected were happened. My childhood idol and one of the biggest legends: ski jumper Matti Nykänen was dead at the age of 55. I couldn’t believe it! He was still young man and he seemed to be getting his life […]


This is a cover of The Moody Blues well known song: ”For My Lady” by Neumann. I really like this song. *************************************** That last post about my childhood in 80’s inspired me to make a post about 80’s music in Finland. So here are my favorite 80’s songs performed by that decade famous finnish artists. […]


MY CHILDHOOD HOME HAS BEEN SOLD This Midsummer is very different compared to all previous ones. One era is coming to an end. We found a new owner for my childhood home and the apartment will be available to her in mid-July. I find it strange to think that someone else is going to live […]


The liquorice on the photo of this slide show is the genuine old Vyborg liquorice in year 1906. It was the home town of my grandpa who was born in 1904. ********************************* My dear home land is 102 years old today. I’m so grateful I have been blessed to grow and live here, one of […]


I’m sorry, my promised post have been taking time to publish but here it finally comes… At Sunday 23.9. I was guest at Dancing with the Stars Live tv-show with my friend. I was invited there because of my poem which were used on their commercial at summer (if someone still didn’t know). I was […]


What is it? Why will I come so happy when I see a tv-program from my childhood? There is something so nostalgic. Like today when I watched ”Kymppitonni” which came very popular at 80’s with great host (and ex- miss Europe) Riitta Väisänen. These new series are hosted by Crystal Snow. It’s so shame Riitta […]


************************************************ I have always been proud of beeing finnish but now I am even moore proud. I have heard in videos and read for this past year so many positive comments of Finland and finnish people. For example in one blog some exchange student from USA said something what is not so usually regognised. She […]