There comes some laugh therapy for you! These are great sketches from my favorite tv-comedy program: ”Siskonpeti”. I don’t know the translation of that word. Didn’t find it anywhere but do watch these, please. 

This is fresh and clever humor! You will surely like! Do relax for a while, take a chocolate bar, and maybe a glass of wine too and enjoy great humor. 



I did read that post while ago and that got me thinking this cheating topic again. (Also watching cheaters have inspired me.) I have wrote this topic before in finnish but I thought it could be good idea to write in english also.

At first I have to say that I don’t judge anyone (my next sentences maybe can sounds like I would). I don’t. I understand that we are only humans and that we make mistakes. Still I don’t know why make things more complicated. It’s all about choices. You make the choice! You make the choice to either date some other or not. You don’t have to go out with someone else. It’s all up to you! This maybe sounds ”easy to say” thing but in the end it actually is that simple. You have to ask yourselves: ”Do I really want to risk my relationship and make things harder to us”. Why would you wanna do that? (Ok, that makes difference if you are some sex addict or just enjoy having sex with others. That’s a whole different story. Could be harder to fix. Or maybe alcohol is your excuse. Then you shouldn’t be drinking so much that you loose your control. Shouldn’t be a big deal to drink a little less. Or maybe it is for some…)

I know there can be also tough times in relationship and you can maybe get even a crush to someone else who’s so good listener, so kind, so understanding…So much more than your own spouse is these days but you don’t know him(/her) really. Weren’t your own spouse like that before? It usually means that you two have some troubles, or maybe stress or something, not that your spouse is cold or doesn’t care anymore. It’s easy to blame other one but how about you? Are you still the nicest one? Maybe not. Then you should instead of cheating think the ways to chance that. Really invest in your relationship and try to make it better. I bet your crush isn’t either the nicest one all the time. No one is! When you’r delighted you see everything through pink glasses! as we atleast say in Finland. You don’t know what it’s like to live with your crush and you shouldn’t feed your feelings to your crush with seeing him/her again and again when it’s much more harder to stop. 

Like when you watch cheaters, you hear too often they (specially women) say that their spouse didn’t understand or listening anymore, or work too much or something like that. I don’t think these are good reasons to cheat, even you are hurt! These are things you should try to solve out. Cheating is not solving any problems, just brings more problems. 

If your relationship is too heavy, or you feel nothing is left to give, you can leave but you don’t have to cheat! (I know things can be complicated sometimes and maybe you already given up long time ago with your relationship, then it’s easier to understand that happens.) Still that one person have ment so much to you (atleast sometimes) and she/he (probably) count on you! So try to show some respect and just leave before anything happens! 

Anyway, I do think forgiveness is great! If you can forgive your spouse his/her cheating, (when it’s asked), that’s awesome! In the end forgiveness is important in long relationship and what could be better than know that no matter what happens, you have always someone beside you!

Have you ever cheated your spouse? What happened?


After my last post I started to think about that I have my own experience about honesty of people in Helsinki. Usually when I have lost something, I got it back!

Like last winter when I bought a new phone. When I went home from that shop I was so stupid I put it on the bench in metro (in it’s tiny plastic back). I had also (big) grocery store backs with me. Those I took when I left but ofcourse I didn’t remember that little phone back. I forgot it there, went home and then realised that I had left this back. I was panicking and was sure that someone take it and I never get it back! I was so surprised when I got the phone call where some man were talking with poor finnish. At first I didn’t understand him but very soon I realised what was it about. He was found my phone (my phone number was in that cell phone plan contract). I was so happy! He came to see me (near my home) and I got my phone back. I gave him a little reward, I was so grateful!

Also I remember one time years ago when I left my purse at ”Suomen linna” ferry. I was there with my good friend and when we left the ferry and walked a little while I realised I didn’t had my purse with me. Inside it I had my keys, my ID card, my wallet, everything. I think it was my first time, I was panicking really badly (unless we don’t count any presentations at school or my first dates…). I really almost fully came down. I cried also a little and I don’t ever cry publicly. I made an announcement of my purse in info. Then we waited the ferry come back and there it was. Pilot of that ferry was took my purse safe. I got it from him. Again I was happy! 

There is also some other situations when I lost Something and got it back! Some more little things but still…Anyway not always I have got my things back. I have lost gloves, scarfs and a beanie which I never got back. I guess those are things which people don’t valuable so much they wanted to make the work to take those to lost and found if they find one in metro or in tram or something…They don’t think those are so important things. Well, once I lost a backpack which was a brand (and was full of some things, don’t remember what). Anyway, I guess I can still say that people in Helsinki are (mostly) honest!


Hard to believe it’s fall already, but if you look around you, you’ll see it!


At wednesday I did read news that finnish radio legend: ”Esko Riihelä” have passed away. It’s always the same thing when someone dies. First it stops you and leaves you with emptyness. Then you start to think about time. The past time, the time that person was still alive. You start to think what was your life like back then. You think what that person who’s now gone did give to you. What did he or she ment to you. What kind of memories he or she gave to you. You think about all that and usually it eventually leads me to think how much time do I still have. Luckily I don’t know that, like anybody doesn’t…

Esko Riihelä was a great voiced radio reporter who was best known of radio program: ”Liikenne radio” (traffic radio) which he hosted years 1969-2003. I listened that program sometimes with my parents. His voice is strongly connected to my childhood and early adult years. Now when that time period have ended I realized (once again) how far away my childhood really is and how many years have passed by. 

I connect Esko to happy childhood days. I connect him to sunny summerdays. Don’t ask me why. I just see always summer and sun when I think his voice. I see some hot day at summer cottage somewhere 80’s or 90’s when radio was on and our family were together…oh, so happy days…Those days are gone forever… and so are Esko Riihelä too but he will always be remarkable man in my lovely childhood memories. Rest in peace, Esko!


I met my old -half spanish- ”classmate” at market last week. Let’s call her ”Linda”. She was there with her little boy. I herd Linda have also girl but she was not there. The meeting was quite awkward cause it related in my mind much bad memories from the school.

”Linda” wasn’t the nicest friend. She did sometimes bully me and she also used me financially. When my parents realized that the money they gave to me, were very much used by ”Linda” also, my mom called one day her dad. Her dad only said that we have to understand cause they are so poor. That he don’t have money to give ”Linda”. My mom became very angry. It’s not the reason to take someone’s money. I understand that my parents didn’t want to sustain someone else’s child. They wanted to help me not every other children. 


Don’t get me wrong my mom have been very helpful and fair, specially to her friends but that’s wrong behavior to use always someone else’s money. ”Linda” asked the money from me always when we were together, which means very often. I was so kind I gave the money. For example once I paid her wristband at Linnanmäki amusement park (with that you can go to apparatuses as much as you like). I was way too kind and she used it. My parents really aren’t that rich. Yes, they made a living when they still worked but it doesn’t mean they have had too much excessive to distribute others. 

Now ”Linda” acted like nothing ever happened. She wasn’t sorry, (didn’t even looked like she would be). She just smiled that same smile like when we were children and told me she have been thinking what am I doing these days. Well, if I’m honest, I don’t care what is she doing. I only wish she doesn’t teach this same behavior to her children!


I didn’t find the best (original?) version of that song: ”Bullet Proof” by Radiohead, where was a great video also. I’m sorry, but I put here some ok version what I found. It’s so beautiful and ethereal song!


This was my favorite song at teenage when ”Scatman” was big name!


I watched ”Sex and the City” one evening again. (They’re showed replays here in Finland almost like non stop.) Those girls were talking about menopause and the symptoms it can cause. Samantha was late and was scared of it is the sign of that. While watching that I realized I’m soon in that age and that hit me badly. It was almost panic reaction when I really assimilated the thing. Menopause is really starting the process of getting old and for me it can be already six-seven-eight years away. My mom was quite young when she got it and her mom was too so I think I’m also. Actually my periods have been a little irregular lately. That can be maybe the first starting sign. Like when my periods started it took many years before those came fully regularly…

One thing what is terrifying me in this coming menopause is the thing that after those came I can’t have babies. (I know I can eat pills like my mom did but I don’t think it’s safe to make babies and I don’t think it’s the same thing anyway). I’m not saying I nesessery want to have baby (atleast right now) but just the idea of that I can’t soon choose it anymore feels bad. So if I later would want to have baby I can’t choose it anymore. Funny, I never thought I would react like that but obviously I would like to have the chance to choose. I’m not really sure if I will regret it later if I’m not gonna make kids (or even try it).  

The second thing which is scary in menopause is those symptoms, specially sleeplessness, depression (which were mentioned at ”Sex and the City”.) and mood changes. Sounds horrible! I have sleeplessness (periods) already and sometimes also bottom shed specially now when this darkness is increasing. I know not everybody got so big symptoms but it is scary cause it can be me! It wasn’t too easy to my mom either. It was a short period but still quite hard. I remember when I was a child and I didn’t really understand why did my mom felt so bad…

I shouldn’t be thinking this too much beforehand but can’t help. I’m thinking many things too early and I’m always making catastrophe thoughts of everything.

If this menopause wasn’t so sure sign of getting old and loosing your womanhood (fertility), I would be more than happy to gave my periods away. I would be able to live without horrible pains every month and will save money after don’t need those stupid sanitary towels anymore. Also you don’t have to be worried about if you leave red marks behind you…Sorry guys but really it’s awful!!

Well, those are probably things I can’t leave behind for many years if I got some hormone pills to eat…and maybe those also temper the menopause symptoms. Let’s hope so!


These songs in this post came in to my mind cause this all got me wondering the thing how years have flyed away. My life have gone by like a blink of an eye. Autumn seems to be the season when I’m thinking these kind of things much more. Maybe cause it’s depressive with this darkness which may be feeding negative thoughts. Also the year is coming to it’s end and it gets me thinking that how the other year has gone by again. Like we were talking with my friend one day: christmas is coming again. Soon we must listen the same christmas songs again in radio, post christmas cards and take christmas decorations out while drinking my favorite drink: glogg. The good news is, after christmas it comes spring again! 

Tiimalasi (hourglass).

Sorry, I didn’t find the english lyrics…