This song (”Kissanpäivät”=dog days) is for all unemployed. It’s about the ability just be and enjoy life without any rush. Nice song which make you feel better when your unemployed (and worried about your finance).

(By the way we say dog days as cat days; kissa=cat).


I promised to write soon but I’m sorry I couldn’t write for a while anything cause there’s something that took my writing motivation away.


I did lose my mainjob which I started only two months ago and which I really liked. I was too depressed at first but I’m starting to accept this already. I’m not sure how correctly that all went and I’m not sure all of the reasons what made ”M” to make this decision.

I do know that she wanted to take her ex-assistant back who’s good friend of her. That assistant did get sick and had to stop that job but now she have rehabilitated and is ”back to business” again. I think that was the main reason but I also feel that ”M” didn’t tell me everything. As she said she’s not good to speak straight when I asked about that (even she should, she’s my ”employer”).

So at first I was thinking what did I do wrong cause there got to be something or maybe it’s more that she didn’t like my personality (or my way to do things).

I was so disappointed that she couldn’t tell me straight what was this about cause then I could have make it better. I could do something. I have very strong working morality and I really want to do my job well so this made me really sad! Besides I found out that even I had testing period on, there should still be good basis on dismissal and I actually should have get warning first.

Well, I’m not a member of the trade union and I don’t want to make this bigger (like go to court where I probably would not have very good chances to win).

I just wish this didn’t happened because of my retards cause those I had only because of the problems of metro traffic. Those problems made me often come late (which ”M” could be essentially using against of me). Also I got sick soon I started that job but I had the medical certificate. Atleast ”M” said she understood these things.

This is one of the biggest challenges of this job. Personality and chemistry between worker and helpneeder plays so big role. You should be the right image of what that helpneeder is waiting for. It’s not easy cause you never can please everyone, no matter what you do!

I have also been thinking what was the meaning of this period. Why did I even got this job? I got to chance to see that great place and then it was taken away from me.

Atleast I did learn something. Now I know what to do at next place. I will ask at the beginning if there’s something I should do differently and it could be good to know in detail what all should I do. That is something which is not usually perfectly clear in this job. Usually the job description is something like ”helping in daily things” (like in this past job). I got the feeling I should be mainly guessing the things I should do.

I can’t read minds so at the future I have to ask for to tell me what to do (when needed). Apparently I can’t to trust to anymore it’s ok if I have pauses or if I feel like it could be right time to talk or get to know each other better (which in my mind is also important at the beginning).


Pirjo Kauppinen was journalist who passed away about two week’s ago. She was known about tv-programs: ”Ei koskaan sunnuntaisin” (Never on Sunday’s), ”Divaani” (Divan) and ”Naisten makasiini” (later ”Helmi” =A Pearl). I sometimes watched her programs and liked her person. She felt warm and sympathetic. Kauppinen quadriplegiated at 1998 but surprisingly was able to continue her career over a year after that. Pirjo Kauppinen was selected to the most positive finnish person at 2002.

I got to chance to speak to her personally just while before she passed away. I namely did apply to work to her as her assistant (/or care taker) last autumn. She called me and said she had already hired someone but she also said she could have had some substitutions or summerjob for me. I wasn’t so excited of that (don’t get much paid) but we had very nice and quite long conversation and she promised to call me again. I also sent my cv to her as she asked and she was clearly very impressed. She called me at the end of the year and told me she will fire her assistant and would like to meet me. At that time I had got my work as ”M”’s assistant and I didn’t went to meet her.

After she passed away I thought it could have been interesting to meet with her. I think working with her could have been really nice. She was clearly humorous person (like me) and that kind of persons are usually casual, friendly and nice! Also I might could had meet other interesting people!

I was quite shocked to hear she’s gone even I didn’t get to know her well but still. I did speak to her just while before. I couldn’t believe it. She was still so young too, but life is like that, you never know what happens but that’s not all…

Also one of our familymember took her last breath about a week ago, my man’s GRANDMOTHER passed away at year 91. Atleast she had a long life. In that age it’s natural to let go. She was already so weak that this is surely better for her. She’s in better place right now! We will remember you with warm thoughts…as Pirjo too…



It was womens day yesterday and I just wanna thank God to be finnish woman! Some women could find out something to complain about but I think we are very lucky (for example compared to many other countrys)!

Here in Finland we are all persons not just women or men. It’s not expected anymore that women are behaving some particular way and men some way. We can be whatever we like. That’s the way it should be everywhere. Even women are weaker than men it doesn’t mean we’re worthless. That weakness shouldn’t be abused but somewhere it still sadly is.

We are maybe little bit different but that is richness. I think the weakness of women can be good thing also. We are so loving and caring. We have empathy and patience much more than men usually are. We take other people noted well and often prefer others needs. We are completing each other…and even we are different we can both be valuable.

Suitably for womens day in France they got the law that you will get surcharge of sexual harassment. I’m sure the rest of the Europe will follow. It’s good harassment is finally taken seriously (but still I hope that possibility is not used in wrong way, like that you will get the surcharge on accidentally watching someone’s breasts if woman don’t like that. It would not be fair). This can be causing many mistakes and difficulty defining situations.

Hope all women around the world had a lovely women’s day!

(I will soon write a post of one finnish well known woman who passed away few days ago so stay tuned!)

(I actually thought I did publish this post at night before fall asleep but obviously I was so sleepy I didn’t press that publish button. So here it is now with little modifying.) 😂 😮 😌


BBC is wondering, how do finnish cope with cold weather so well. For people in Helsinki ”the beast of east” (the cold airmass from Siberia) is quite temperate…

…Meaning that we are got used to cold wether so well that we don’t go to panic because of that, like the article below says. We don’t have to close schools or kindergarten or anything like that even it have been -10…-20 celsius freeze. We live our normal every day lives despite of that…and we don’t care the snow either differently than like London which goes crazy while having just few degrees freez.

My man’s sister who’s living in London send us a message one day and were amused by their reaction in London when there were -4 degrees. We are living in the middle of cold and snow every winter about 3 months and we couldn’t afford to stop living every year while these months. So -I’m sorry- but that panic is quite funny for us-.

It was the same thing last year in London…and that wasn’t the first time either…maybe it’s time for you too to begin to get ready of this kind of weather…


It’s one of the best feelings: learning something. When you learn something, it gives you confidence and having confidence gives you euphoria.

We have been training a couple of times a very beautiful vault pirouette at flow gymnastics. I was surprised how easy it was to me. Usually every new movements are real hard for me but it wasn’t that hard. It was fun. It gave me feeling of freenes. It felt like I was flying.

Also that hard waltz choreography have went well, after tough beginning. Now I love that waltz. It’s so beautiful and flowing!

Dangerous snooze

I also learned yesterday, that don’t fell asleep so that you sit on the edge of your coach, head dangled on your lap! I did that and it wasn’t very nice wake up. I woke up while realizing I’m falling to floor but I couldn’t stop it anymore and I hit the angle of my forehead to floor. 😂 Quite hilarious afterwards! Luckily I didn’t hurt myselves so badly! That’s what happens when you don’t sleep at nights…

Have a great Sunday!

”THE SENIORS DANCE” (second year students at high school)

This dance happening were at friday (and in some schools, (like us at 1999), I think thursday also).

It’s happening for the seniors at high school (second year students will be the seniors when abiturients have their last exams which after they graduate). This have been traditionally the happening when the new seniors are performing old ”salon dances” (dances from 1800s-1900s.) They have usually also dressed like those years nobles (even these days it’s more common to dress like American prom night, so many of dancers use just normal evening dresses).

It’s been already 19 years of my own seniordance and I was remembering those days again (like I’m always this time of the year)…

I remember my beautiful olive green dress which was borrowed from my friends sister and made by their mother.

I remember how we sut at hairdresser with my friend to get the big -old time style- bunnies.

I remember my -cute but quite bad dancer- partner who stepped to my toes many times at rehearsal and with who I was scared of make the strike at tango cause he didn’t prop me enough.

I remember when we were (with three of my friends) eating at restaurant ”Fransmanni” after the other one of those performings. There was two girls and two boys in our group and some man did say to us: ”Don’t you boys believe what girls say to you.” Obviously he thought that we are couples even we were just friends.

Surely I will always remember how some abiturients did tease us four and screamed to us: ”Is it nice to be senior when you can’t get in any nightclubs”. Well, three of us were 18 (of legal age -we were one year older-) and one us were almost 18. However in restaurant any of us didn’t get wine cause one of us were still underage.

Also I remember how fun time we had with my close friend who came overnight to us after the first celebration evening.

Those were one of the best days of my life! I loved to dress (like noble) and I loved to dance (which is no surprise to those who knows how much I love dancing).

I wish I could some day experience this all again!! 😁

In those 90’s videos you can see the style of my time. I would say also the real senior dance style (the real salon dance style)!


I totally forgot to make a Valentine’s day post and send cards but I think Valentine’s day can be every day. It shouldn’t be just one day in year like my friend said at her text message yesterday. By the way here in Finland Valentine’s day is actually more like friendships day.

I wanna say to all of my friends, I haven’t forgot you even our liaison (=yhteydenpito) have decreased these past years. Days just go so fast when you got older, in my mind very fast these days. It’s just running range work and home…and my parents home of course, for me (I’m running their errands).

Today here in Finland we had the annual abi (candidate for the matriculation examination) driving. They did make traditional cycle with truck and casted candy for audience. There were much people near at my working place which is so off that there’s never almost anyone. That was when I realised what day today is.

I can’t believe it’s already 18 years of my own abi driving. My gosh, it’s almost 20 years ago. Where did these years go?

It was millennium then. That big year 2000 was just beginned. Nothing happened like some thought. It did not bring the end of the world, neither did computers go out of control. It was the same kind of normal year like the others…except for us who were running the last year off high school. We were celebrating together. We were screaming loudly on the truck feeling free. It felt great even the truth is that it was not the end (of the work)…it was the start of everything…start of real adult life…



I was not gonna write of that topic but then I felt I should cause I realised I have much to say about this.

I don’t think there is very many woman who never experienced any kind of sexual harassment. I have since I was very young girl, under 18. It have been touching, grabbing, even kissing without my permission. Once when I was just kid (maybe 10 years or something) some man in lift where acting weard. He was asking have I ever saw a penis and do I want to see his. I was really scared but luckily I got away of that lift before anything happened.

Somehow I always thought I have cope on the verge (I have never really been raped) but now when I really think about it after listing all this, I don’t know. Is this meaning cope on the verge? Quite alarming thought to think like that only because you haven’t been raped. Like everything else would be acceptable. No, it isn’t! Still, it’s true, I have been kind of lucky. At young I were many times at afterparty with my friends and nothing really bad ever happened…Luckily!

Well, I don’t wanna say more of that. Just telling that I have my own experiences…

The biggest problem specially in Finland is that men are so shy that they don’t know how to talk to girls before they drink. Then when they drink, they will make overreactions. They will become pigs. They’re touching and imply and no woman will be interested…

Anyway, I think men are ment to be more like animals (whether they drink, or not) so that we will reproduce. Obviously men have been given the task to take care of that. That’s why they’re (or many of them, don’t want to blame all men) acting like they are and I’m not saying, it would make their bad behaviour more acceptable but it’s still quite natural explanation for it. Just in case (that women don’t get so mad to me) I have to say, sure there’s also women who love sex very much but atleast I don’t know many of them. Please do correct if you think I’m wrong!

These next sentences can get some women angry but this is how I see it…If you really want to be left alone and minimum the risk of wrong kind of attitude, you shouldn’t dress too sexy. Men are men, you can never change it. It’s their hormones. How do you fight against hormones? There’s no way! It’s better just play with their rules…or suffer, you decide it!

It’s the same if you drop sausage in front of the dog and say: ”Don’t eat it”. Maybe some really good trained dogs believe you (men too 😉) but I guarantee most of those don’t. They will eat it. (Those who don’t eat it still feel strong temptation to do that and wonder why they can’t eat so delicious looking sausage). It’s the same with men. They’re simple. If there’s very sexy woman, it’s they’re instinct to atleast watch. Like dogs instinct tells it to eat sausage.

If you wanna be very sexy with tiny dresses and shirts, be my guest but you have to be prepared (if not accept it, atleast be mindful of where it can lead-). If you don’t like that, why would you show yourselves so openly. I don’t mean a nun style just basic good taste. What’s the point to use skirt which is showing everything, or shirt where you’re boobs jump out just ”accidentally”) if you really don’t want to get any sexual attention?

I have my own experience and I’ve seen the dress code is working quite well. When I was young, I went few times to night clubs with miniskirt. Many men where grabbing my as. I didn’t want to use that skirt anymore at those places and they (usually) left me alone. Simple of that.

I can tell you also that beautiful is not the same as sexy. It’s the wrong message to young girls that you should be sexy everytime. Why? For men? I don’t get it. They will get the wrong kind of observation.

There is so much very young girls who copy all celebrities and it’s alarming. Celebrities always put less and less fabric on (I wonder if their clothes are cheaper 😉) and young, even underage girls soon do the same (and also put very sexy pictures of them selves to instagram, facebook, and so on). Then older pervert men can be watching them (and God knows what else). I don’t think they pursue to this. They just want to be admired but it’s not all you get whit too sexy dressing (or acting). There’s also polite man like my spouse but very many men are not like that. That should be learned to girls!

Younger I did also dress more sexier but maybe I have been mens ”target” so many years that I don’t wanna be sexy anymore. I just wanna be smart, beautiful, good looking, feminine and elegant! Isn’t it enough?

By the way, my spouse said he don’t actually know where to look, if there’s woman whose boobs are imposed, so you can also put men to embarrassing situation, specially these days when you should be extra exact so that you don’t get a charge of harassment if you accidentally glance those. So women, if you put those kind of shirts on, then take the gazes also! Don’t accuse men! What if there’s man with tiny shorts? I think many of women will look, right?

So putting the line for harassment is also hard! What is harassment? Some of us are more sensitive than others. Ofcourse you should listening if the other one ask you to stop or watch other marks but it can be dangerous if every talk or polite slaps to shoulder or even to thigh will be reprehensible act. You can accuse other too easily. It will be no good!

On the other hand, rape reprehensible could be raised. Those are too low, atleast in Finland! Rapists cope on the verge, and there’s weard extenuatings like the dressing of victim. Even I have lectured the dressing I don’t mean it gives the right to touch or do anything what woman doesn’t want. It never gives the right anything like that. Impunity belongs for everyone!

There is still lot to learn…and specially men should learn to behave already! Were living in 2018!