There are photos of my summerdays. Enjoy!

Views from the Ruoholahti bridge, Helsinki.

This is one of my favorite buildnings in Helsinki, Töölö.

The National museum.

Lunchcafe: ”Kotitupa” (home cabin) at Kulloo village, Porvoo.

Pictures at ”Kotitupa”.

The beautiful tree in Kulloo.

The dandelion field in Kulloo.

Some flowers in Kulloo.

The dandelion field.

Lupines in Kulloo.

Aleksanter’s street in Helsinki city.

Stockmann department store.

”Kolmen sepän patsas” (The three smith’s statue) in Helsinki city.

The main post house in Helsinki city.

The zoological museum in Helsinki city.

Rastila beach in Helsinki.

Flowers at our yard.

The trails near by our home.


The traditional Helsinki samba carnival was here saturday. The costumes was colourful and beautiful and the tone was so joyfull. The music was great just like the weather also! Sun shined and people were happy. It was the perfect day! 

I love samba and I’m very happy we’ve got our own carnival here. I almost wanted to go dancing in that line. I can dance samba cause younger I use to go on bailatino classes for a while. The basic samba is easy…(atleast in my mind but it can be because of my strong dance background but) I think anyone can do it somehow…maybe not so perfectly but it doesn’t matter at carnival. Competitive dance is different thing…

Enjoy this carnivalmotion with my picks and video…and have a great new week!

The keynote of some samba school was sauna. This plaque says: ”sauna is warming finnish people hearts”. So true!


I have been so busy lately that I have forgot to stress my getting older even I already had a birthday. I have been stressing so much other things (specially our finances)…but maybe it’s better. I have been thinking my age enough earlier. Now it did hit me again. How can it be possible that I’m soon 40? I don’t feel like 40. My mind is not 40. My mind is about 30. Then years ago when I was under 30 my mind was 20. Well, that’s the way it goes. Then years more and my mind will be 40…Why the mind comes so far behind and is so late? I don’t get it. It makes this getting older thing really hard! It feels like yesterday when I was 25-30 or even under…It feels like the day before yesterday when I was a child even it’s so many years ago…

Oh, how I envy people who doesn’t scare of ageing and take it easy. I just can’t be without thinking what will it bring and what does getting old mean. It means I will come weaker and weaker when years go by, maybe not yet but at some point I will…sooner or later…and surely I will come sick. I will probably have cancer or dementia or Alzheimer ’s disease…or something if I live long life…

At youngster 10-20 years (not to mention over that) feels (almost) like everlasting. The older you come the clearer you see it isn’t so at all. It will go in a blink of an eye…but can’t help. Getting older is just something you have to accept and God knows I’ve tried to do that…I really tried. In good days it’s easy, in bad days it’s hard…and somewhere deep inside I know I shouldn’t be worrying yet. I’m not even 40. That’s what I try to be happy for! This actually should be the best time of my life, like my mom always says. I’m not ”too” young (and innocent) but I’m not ”too” old either…


This was a funny plaque (again near of my parents apartment). ”Enjoying the common joy and fresh air makeing trees, shrubs and flower plantings (and let those to be) is absolutely allowed according to the city regulation.”

It’s officially summer now and still it have been on the past days only about 10 degrees outside. (Right now it’s ”even” 13). This is insane! Always they are talking about how the climate is coming warmer. Well, doesn’t seem to be happening here in Finland. Just gidding…For real…It’s obvious this will happen. (It just couldn’t been felt here in this spring season). I actually have been scaring this happening since many many years ago cause there have been balmy winters and warm, long summers. Specially the winters have mostly been really gentle compared to my childhood winters when it was normal to have -20 degrees or even more. These days there are not so many that cold days. It can be a short cold period but usually those are really short and even then it’s very rear to have over -20 degrees. Mostly it’s close to 0 degrees, maybe a little bit under. 

Like we all (propably) already know, the ice field is also melting very fast. I just heard the one of the biggest ice peaces is now separating. It’s scary! Who knows what will happend to us in the future, especially we haven’t done (nearly) anything to stop this and soon it’s too late…

By the way my back of the neck have been really stuck lately (specially yesterday and the day before it). It felt like it’s so heavy that I almost can’t hold it up. I rather would have just dangle it. Well, luckily it’s getting better now! 

This is my favorite vlogger: Krista Muhonen; depressed young girl who’s talking about her first rape in this video, which was made by her boyfriend. Krista have been raped three times, can you imagine? This video is in finnish so unfortunately only finnish (speakers) can watch this. The video is very touching and I can’t understand how some people could have blame her liar. Like she said I don’t think anyone could be so sick to make these kind of things up. After I heard her rape(s), I understood right away why she have been so depressed and suicidal. For a while ago also her mother died. They were very close and now she don’t have even her back anymore. So sad!


A cup of tea and the world seems to be a better place right after…

We have in Finland the saying: ”Teetä ja sympatiaa” which means: Tea and sympathy. It’s a funny saying but on the other hand I understand where it comes. Tea (like coffee also) will brighten you up. Tea is just smoother than coffee so it really will make you on better mood…atleast for a while.

Today when I woke up I took a cup of tea (cause there was no coffee left). I felt better after that. I started thinking like it’s so nice it’s summer and it’s bright and green…and that everything will be allright. I even thought that I will surely soon find a new permanent job which I still haven’t got after ”A”(person who’s care taker I was 10 years) passed away. I thought more positively than before my morning tea. That’s interesting and that I also have noticed after drinking coffee. I sometimes red somewhere that coffee decrease depression, especially women depression. I think tea will also help (it must be the caffeine). Caffeine is really interesting stuff…

Have a happy ascension day!


Tanssitytön blogi: Nice thought, a pillowe on the window.

This pillow were at shop window near my parents apartment. Quite cute, isn’t it? 

Could I do that please…just relax and eat chocolate. Forget about everything else for a while…

Another great could be ”Keep calm and drink coffee”, right?! Or maybe after all ”Keep calm and drink wine” is better. Wine is more relaxing than coffee…or the best one: ”Keep calm, eat chocolate and drink wine!”

😜 😉 😂 👌 👍 🍫