”Never Ending Story” (released in 1985 in Finland) was my favorite movie when I was a child. I was watching it in a movie theater with my class (to the best of my recollection in only 1990. I’m still pretty sure it was the first movie, not the second sequel part even though it was released in 1990 in Finland.) I think I was 10-years old by then. I also fell in love with this song…and still like it.

This covid-19 feels like never ending story. It never seems to have an end…but it must come sometimes. I refuse to believe that the rest of my life would go in fear of the virus, and I don’t really believe so, although some do say so. We have to win this race if only the vaccinations continue at a steady (as fast as possible) pace.

When I was young I always thought that I was born in great time and country. There was so peacefull and safe. No wars or any crisis in decades. Nothing threatening. How could I have been so naive? How couldn’t I think that everything can change at any time, that the future is unknown. Life can surprise. You never know where it will take you…


It can take you for example to this…to demonstration against covid -19 restrictions (or a demonstration for freedom of speech as the organizer himself highlighted in his speech which is an obvious lie…or perhaps not a lie, but a modified truth). The demonstration was held in 20. march 2021 in Helsinki ”Kansalaistori”. (Similar has been the case in many other countries recently.) From what I heard, I realized that these people don’t think this would be a serious pandemic so they speak about freedom and think that masks and restrictions in general are useless. They compare this to regular influenza. I do not think that such measures are being taken in vain around the world (or just because of the exercise of power). They also says that masks just spread the disease but there are also positive results from the MASKS if you just USE IT RIGHT and also USE THE RIGHT KIND OF MASK (which are ffp 2 and 3 masks or surgical mask). For virus variants, the most effective is to use two masks. I use both of those I mentioned, these days.

These people want to have INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM but no society works that way. Quite a bit of chaos would follow from it if everyone were just responsible for themselves and could do whatever they want. Who even imagines they could ever be free. I don’t. I ever have. We never have and never will be totally free! There are always responsibilities in our lives!

This disease has been proven to be bad especially for at-risk and elderly people. Certain variants can be very bad for both young and healthy people too. Are these people willing to take the risk of infecting someone else who can in the worst case, die. They just want to continue a normal life without any restrictions and rave about individual freedom.

The same demonstration on 20. march 2021 in Helsinki, ”Kansalaistori”.

I wondered if she who held the sign ”freedom and responsibility” knew what responsibility meant. Doesn’t that mean we follow the rules of society (especially in such a serious situation) and we do not rebel against and tear to pieces what others are trying to keep together?! Not everything that changes the world needs to be twisted as conspiracy theory. It feels like everyone just doesn’t want to admit or see it if the matter is frighteningly serious. Many just want to close their eyes and put things at the forefront of conspiracy theory or something like that.

One thing I have to tell them who read my earlier posts and might think I’m crazy to scare this much covid -19, I’m not the craziest one. I read an article of woman who haven’t even went to grocerys while this pandemic. She has not gone anywhere. Well, she has a detached house so she have her own yard. Quite nice! You can get fresh air and touch of the nature without fear. However I wonder that she didn’t even dare to set off last summer when the disease situation in Finland was very calm. Personally, I was moving quite normally back then. (i.e. I went to work and took care of everyday things normally). At some point I even remember my thought that this might not be such a bad disease for a woman my age, that maybe it would only be good to get sick, and after that there would be no need to fear. By then there were not even virus variants which have greatly increased my fears. Apparently some have been even more afraid (all the time) than I am!


Some time ago I saw again covid -19 dream where I was at some shopping mall. I bought something but I was left my money on the pocket of my jacket which I couldn’t find anymore. I didn’t remember the way to the stand where my jacket was. I was in panick. I also realized that I’m in the middle of people and I don’t have mask or anything. People were passing by and my fear did grow. At some point I started to cry. I didn’t get my money back…

So the covid-19 is these days often also in my dreams. Like I told you earlier those are always like this. I’m in the middle of people without mask (and without disinfectant) and at some point when I realize the situation, this makes me really afraid! The corona has thus gone deep into the subconscious! When times are tough, so are your dreams!

Have a nice day and stay safe!

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One should not be left wondering, or be left to lick ones fingers


We need more determined action

As much as I have praised and appreciated Finland and finnish, I have to say this corona situation could have been better managed. The virus is now spreading in Finland worse than ever before. We have had record high readings in recent days and a large proportion of the cases are already the British variant (once we let it spread here as well). Two different Finnish variants have already been found here too. I can’t help but wonder about this activity and our bureaucratic system. What we should absolutely have is a law that allows for the immediate introduction of agreed exceptional circumstances, if necessary. Now it seems that there is none, so decisions are progressing slowly and it will take days, if not weeks, to prepare them before they take effect. In the meantime, the corona situation is advancing. That virus is not waiting for us.

Measures (or planning for them) should have started early fall, with the onset of the second wave. Instead, what did we do then? We waited, we waited … and we waited …the situation could have already been overcome, or at least with better care, if we had acted faster.

We should take lessons from Australia, where one new case of corona was recently found. After that, the curfew came into force there. That’s the way to handle this! That’s the way to make sure the situation does not get out of hand! We don’t have time to wait!

the rate of vaccination is too slow

Nor have I been satisfied with our pace of vaccination (although I found an article that says we are ranked number one with Denmark (in Europe, I think).…but then again Lasse Lehtonen at Helsinki University Hospital HUS have said that if we continue at this pace, vaccine protection (70%) has not been achieved until the autumn of 2022. This was really crushing news and I think it is closer to the truth. Why in the world are we not negotiating a Sputnik vaccine with Russia if once through the EU we do not get vaccines fast enough. One should not be left wondering, or be left to lick ones fingers. Oh, but we can’t place orders past the EU…except that other countries have done that…This is no longer the small, safe Finland I was born in. That’s sad!

obsessive compulsive symptoms and mental health problems

I do not understand either how we have still not achieved, for example, a mask compulsion. Well, like I said the decision-making process is far too long here but there have been lot of time. This situation has continued for a year. Would think a year is enough to bring such an important law into force! However, it was decided to close the restaurants finally (after much deliberation)…but I’m afraid it’s too late already…

I also feel bad to watch TV shows (like Talent) where the audience sits fabric masks on their faces, side by side. Why are there no safety distances and / or better masks? After all, a fabric mask provides only 20% protection. No wonder the virus is spreading.

If I survive without a corona, mental health will go anyway, at least if this situation continues like this for a long time. I am already suffering from some degree of obsessive compulsive symptoms (such as the constant compelling need to wash hands). At least this doesn’t get any better. If you want to find something good about this, then it is this: I no longer tear my lips! It’s been my bad habit but now during the corona I have ended it because I don’t want to touch my lips (not even at home). Some say it’s hard not to touch their faces but to me it has gone firmly into the depths of consciousness. I don’t even do it by accident, especially outdoors…

in the grocery store … again

I would no longer want to go anywhere, not even to the grocery store. Last time I ordered food home, but still had to get nicotine (for my spouce), and at the same time I bought masks, a couple of beers, vitamin d, paper and chocolate (-there is always use for these-).

In Finland nicotine and beer cannot be ordered to home (don’t ask me why). So I went to the grocery store. I put another scarf on top of the mask for extra protection. Firstly I wondered why there were so much traffic on in the stairwell on monday morning before nine (I always try to leave so that there are no others in the staircase at the same time -and many in finland strive for it even before the corona…However, I was mainly afraid of the virus.) Anyway, there were someone in the staircase. When I saw him waiting for the elevator, I left myself to the staircase waiting for him to leave. I wondered if I was looking like some freak…

Well, I left and noticed soon that wasn’t like most monday mornings are: peacefull and quite nice. There were people much more than usually and that made me nervous! Again, there were coughers on the move. Just before I went to the store, someone came in front of the door to make a call and while I was wondered should I walk past her to store and decided to do that, she -ofcource- coughed in front of me. (Should have circled the other side and entered through it). Well, there were maybe 5 meters between us but now there’s those variants, I’m more skeptical is it enough.

Anyway, there were more people in the store than usual (taking into account the time). I was as fast as I could and went to checkout. Of course some construction worker came right after me. Usually I try to get around the construction workers from afar (they have been diagnosed with a lot of infections) but naturally I couldn’t do it on checkout line. He also received a call. I turned in the opposite direction so that I don’t get drops on my face at least. Luckily he didn’t talk a long time and then I had to pay my shopping…When I came back home I realized the reason of the traffic. I saw a moving van in front of our house…

Well, there is no choice but to try to somehow cope…

As Dave Lindholm sings in his song, ”How the Night Went Away”

”endure this night, then you will endure tomorrow and the day after tomorrow”


A great song which describes my feelings quite well in this life situation. This certainly hits many at the moment.

Corona life just goes on and on…although yesterday came the exchange of good news in this regard. The incidence of the virus decreased by 17% worldwide which is quite much! Another good news is that the Pfizer vaccine has also been found to be effective against viral variants. In this regard, however, the bad news is that I will certainly not receive that vaccine myself. In Finland, Astra zeneca will probably be used as a folk vaccine and its efficiency is not as good. Pfizer vaccine would certainly be the best possible (the vaccine which my mother got at nursing home). We should get more of that!

Another corona day is beginning…again…I’m happy I don’t have to go anywhere today…even in a way it’s nice to start the day by going out and get fresh air…specially when there’s peacefull and not many people like yesterday. I was quite confident when I went to the grocery store in the morning. I don’t know why and I hadn’t even slept all night (I just couldn’t sleep -probably due to the hormonal cycle-). Somehow I still felt quite safe, as soon as I left, even though I didn’t know even then that the morning was very calm. There were not many people on the move…maybe my confidence came from above…

Spring was already clearly in the air. Even the birds were already singing. It was nice to walk in the fresh, quiet frosty morning. There were not even any recipients on the outing. Instead when I left the grocery store back, just as i came out of the store, I almost came across a woman who was walking against me in a transverse direction. I did leave as slippery as a frightened cat. You probably know how a cat jumps when scared. I almost jumped too…I don’t understand how i didn’t notice her. I probably wasn’t as attentive as usual because I hadn’t slept at night…Well luckily I had a mask…and luckily I didn’t come across a woman…



I can’t help but wonder at what threshold the news sometimes makes headlines here in Finland. Like the news about half a year ago of a woman who wondered where she had gotten a corona infection. She had not visited anywhere else except in the grocery store once a week with her husband and even then they always had masks on. At this point I was getting quite nervous while reading this. I was thinking like: ”What in the world!” How miraculously easily the virus properly infects. To my recollection, the woman said they had been careful. Though I did not know in detail how they really acted when making their shoppings (whether they touched their masks (maybe accidentially or unawares), or were in the vicinity of people for too long or something like that…things I never would do myself. I avoid people like the plague and I do not ever touch the mask after I placed it, as many do. (If it ever needs to be repaired from the facial area, at least hand disinfection must be used before and after repair). Anyway, I started to worry, how easily the virus actually could stick…until I read on…to the point where it was said: ”husband had contracted the coronavirus through the work community”. That’s it! What is unclear here?! I mean really, come on! Are you serious, woman?! Your husband have gotten infection from work and you wonder where did you got it…Well, let me tell you, you got it from your husband. Surprise, really! Case closed!



One thing is for sure. Phones are really smart phones these days…My phone did resemble me today about something that happened four years ago. It showed me photos taken on this exact day in 2017. Those who followed me even then may remember that the day was the funeral day of this woman I had been taking care (/and or assisted years) as a job. When I saw those photos, those emotions immediately surfaced. It felt like yesterday. I couldn’t believe it has been four years already! I was only 36 so young and so full of life and future plans…However the future was quite different than planned…

I also saw a dream about A (that woman I took care) a couple of nights ago. I’ll tell you more about that in next section: ”Dreams”.


I have had interesting dreams lately. Let’s start the one I mentioned above related to my previous workplace as an care taker/personal assistant. So ”A” (=paralyzed woman I was taking care/assisting 2007-2017) was alive again and I was back to help her. I didn’t even wonder about the situation although it’s been so long since I last worked for her. Even in a dream I knew I had been away from her for a long time. She was about the same as younger, in a better condition. The beginning was a little sticky. I had to think for a moment about what was to be done and how but the work gradually progressed. A Therapist also came to ”A”, although there had to be something else in the program first (I don’t remember what). ”A” began to feel depressed, and started talking to the therapist. I thought therapy might do good and I was gonna go to grocery store while her therapy session but the dream ended there. In real life ”A” was a psychologist herself. The therapist never visited her…

Corona time often comes to my sleep as well these days and no wonder why. Usually at the beginning everything is normal until at some point I realize that now is the time of the Corona. Then I get scared cause I usually don’t have a mask, no hand disinfection, nothing.. and I am usually surrounded by people like the dream a couple of nights ago where I was on some kind of camp…I think it was a flow gymnastics camp where I was with my previous team. Again I suddenly realized I don’t have mask on even though I should and the accommodations corridors (where I was walking) was full of crowds. I started to panic and tried to hold my breath when passed by people. At the end I didn’t find my way back to my room and started to cry hysterically…

One night I saw a dream, I got the corona vaccine…you never guess from who…from my brother. When I told this to him, he said he saw a dream one night where he had been instructed to vaccinate workers at his workplace. This was really interesting coincidence. Pretty similar dreams we had.

Ok, next time the subject changes cause we will meet on valentine’s day…something happier for a change!!

Stay safe and positive!


#poetry #reminiscence #repost How I wish… Oh how I wish to turn back my life’s pages And be a child Sitting in my mother’s arm Feeling every bit of coziness and calm To do big blunders and go off easily To cry as much and not be judged Oh how I wish.. To fall off […]


This poem inspired me to write my own -planned- poem with this same idea. Hopefully no one is bothered that the idea is copied. However, I liked the end result and wanted to publish this just like that. I also have to say that the original one is really great! I love that poem…but my poem shows what the word wish at the moment first brings to my mind.

My wish

I wish I could walk on street without fear, without need to be looking out.

I wish this is not the end of life, not the permanent state.

I wish I can hug and touch some day, see all the colors, not just gray.

I wish the joy comes back for me, that joy once so pure and true.

I wish I could be free again, free to live and free to love, free to be friendly.


Finnish national landscapes with the beautiful –Finnish themed music– of Anssi Tikanmäki.


”The other people, so annoying but so important”. This is how Maija Mäkimaa (Tiina Rinne) uttered the last words in the popular ”Kotikatu” (as home street) series in 2012. Tiina Rinne died recently in the age of 91. She made a long career as an actor. The best known of her roles was the role of Maija Mäkimaa on Kotikatu which she acted for 17 years (1995-2012). That is, throughout the history of the program. Surely all Finns knew Maija Mäkimaa, and had at least sometimes watched the series. (I have most of those books too).

The words Tiina Rinne uttered in 2012 on Kotikatu, tells a lot about us humans. It tells us how easily we irritate each other, especially if we are in constant contact with people. We start to get bored and tired of people and the connection is easily broken. (To introverts this happends more easily than to extroverts), but on the other hand, if we are left all alone and have no one, then we are truly unhappy. People, in all their annoyance, are really important to us.

Kotikatu theme.


At a time like this, you really realize how important a connection to other people is. Now that we live in the midst of constraints, its importance is emphasized. We really need each other. We will not get along on our own. I find myself longing for those little moments which I didn’t appreciate enough before…like touches… those moments before my father passed away, he was really sick and I could hold his hand or moments when I got to hug my mother, which I haven’t seen in almost a year. (My mother was in the hospital till spring -20 to autumn -20 and have been in the nursing home after that). I even miss the moments when I dared to spend a moment (or two) with a neighbor, share news, exchange ideas…and moments when I was allowed to walk around the city freely in crowds. (Before I hated the masses)…The significance of such seemingly small things is not realized until they are lost…

I have reflected a lot of my childhood and my youth in recent times. I also came across an old photo by chance. I am there with my mother in the middle of the old town of Tallinn. We spent her 60th birthday in 2004 there. She is still so youthful and stylish in the picture. The difference is huge compared to today. Looks like eternity has passed since that moment. However, it does not feel so. It feels almost like yesterday as we stood side by side smiling at the camera…Actually, it’s been 16 years already…I guess I’m a little bit changed too. At least my hair is starting to turn gray. Well in the picture my hair is dyed anyway…


The time we are living in now is also very exceptional for young people. After all, for example, penkin painajaiset; ”penkkarit” (a traditional February party for high school graduates) have been canceled and traditional salon dances for high school seniors have been moved. Both of these celebrations have a very long tradition in Finland and now this tradition is being broken. Young people are certainly really disappointed. These were both very important and unforgettable events for me as well.

Some ”abi’s” on the truck stage last year.
This is from the same year when I was high school senior but different school. I have some senior dance videos linked on earlier post but I don’t remember in which post so couldn’t link it here but you can get the idea with this video.


Grade 2 students’ dances include traditional salon dances, which they perform for families, relatives, and other schoolchildren. Dressing has also traditionally been in keeping with the style of old times, which I loved. (Though today many of students is wearing more modern evening gowns). Some have also dinner together, we spent the evening with groups of friends and then we had so-called ”cruise of the seniors”.

”Penkkari driving” was also an unique experience. It includes a tour of the truck stage where candies are thrown to an audience standing on the street. Graduated students (abiturientit as ”abit”) also shouts on stage of all kinds. Most often they are heard shouting, ”zero, zero” which means ”zero” school days left. There are paintings and funny texts on the sides of the trucks (made by graduated). Traditionally students have also overalls with pictures drawn and written of all kinds (or it also seems to have become more common to have some other funny dresses like a masquerade outfit). We once had ”abi” cruise in high school as well. I don’t know if it’s still common…but those are great memories which I’ll always remember…It’s sad that this year’s high school students don’t get to experience these great traditions…

We still must continue to try to cope!

Don’t give up!


Ainiin, kaikki suomalaiset, jos nälkä iskee ja olette ideoita vaille, käykää katsomassa uusi jauhelihapihvireseptini kotikokin sivuilla, jonne kirjauduin! Tein tätä varten oman alasivustonkin, joka löytyy tuolta sivun yläpalkeista nimellä: ”Tanssityttö kotikokissa”. Jatkossa sieltä löytyy uudet reseptilinkit! Laitan nyt tämän ensimmäisen linkin tähänkin alle, niin löytyy nopeasti.


With love: ”Amar” (tanssityttö)


Take care of ourselves and each other! Let’s do what is needed no matter how tired we are!

You can say I’m hysteric and yes, I know I am but I can’t do anything about it I get scared every time I hear a cough nowhere near me, and that I try to avoid this happening the best I can. Like I sometimes jumped from one side of the street to the other, if someone is coming up, dodging the oncoming (like yesterday). Nor do I like to talk to strangers (sounds very Finnish, right? but that’s not usually how I am. Normally I like to talk to people and actually many Finns, specially women do talk to people). However, these days when I wouldn’t want to do that, I sometimes find myself in situations where I have to, like last time yesterday…

I was coming at market and I was about to go to another convenience store pick up a few things. The store is on the way back home. It’s expencive and small so I usually make my main purchase at that bigger market but there’s few things I can buy at that small store. (I don’t have to carry all the shopping for such a long distance, nowadays I shop less often and I buy more at once so this makes it a little easier. Going to that store is just worth scheduling so that there is no congestion of any kind, (the best time is in the morning) otherwise you don’t dare go there because the store is so cramped.) So I was on my way to that little store when I saw that there is senior woman walking towards me. I turned back (mad? I know but I’m afraid of getting infected so much) and went around the corner (to a safe distance) to wait for her to pass by. Suddenly she stopped and I heard her yelling something to me. I wondered why she was yelling at me. She was worried that I was about to cross that slippery path I stood at. ”Don’t go there”, she yeld. ”It’s really slippery.” It really was. So I said back to her: ”No I won’t go there, I’m just waiting”. I don’t think she heard everything cause she continued talking. I don’t remember everything she said but it was something about I should get around from the other side. I repeated that I am not going on a slippery path and I started to get annoyed. I probably sounded like that too. Luckily we had a distance of two to three meters and both had masks but still…I didn’t want to get stuck in there to explain that I was just waiting for her to pass by and that I was on my way to the store. Luckily I didn’t have to, because she finally understood to continue the journey…and I, too, was able to continue mine. It is sad to get angry about so small things. However, I am so frustrated and I don’t miss any extra discussions. I would like to say: ”take care of your own business” but I did not dare to do that. Anyway I went to that store and made my shoppings. Everything seemed to be quite fine before…

*We still live in exceptional times. Don’t forget that!!*

I was at park near by our home, more specifically, I was in the park gazebo. There I usually put my mask on and also take it of when coming back. By doing so I can breathe in the fresh air for a moment. I can’t keep the mask for very long or I get breathing symptoms so this is my habit. Also that usually is a very peaceful place where you can be at ease. So I went there to take of my mask. I got it of and listened that peaceful silence. I greedily breathed wonderful fresh air when some man with dog suddenly appeared in front of me (I had not seen them). That man walked along the path ahead and I just prayed the god he would not cough. I turned and walked few steps farther (as far as I could) but I couldn’t move very far cause I was in that gazebo and the exit was in front of where this man just was and where I didn’t want to go. I waited for a moment and just when I thought I survived…it happened…a cough…I’m not sure where he was at that moment but it sounded like he was quite near. However, I did not dare to turn and look, because then I could have been infected. I was already almost at the breaking point. I was pretty sure he was almost behind my back. I was just wondering why this was supposed to happen when I was almost home. Why he couldn’t wait a moment and cough away from me (there was no one else nearby). Well, I had to come back and try to calculate the distance between us. I realized it luckily must have been 2-3 meters atleast, maybe more if he had walked farther but those who move with a dog often keep stopping when they walk, so I’m not sure if he stopped behind me…Well, I guess two meters should suffice unless it is a British variant…Fortunately, there is probably not so much of it in Finland yet…

*Only by doing the right thing can we overcome this situation and return to normal!*

The other day, instead, I felt I was receiving protection from an angel. I was in the park even then and I had taken off the mask. For some reason, I felt it was better to go home another way than usually and so I did. I went a small path next to the kindergarten, instead of going the actual way. A short distance away I heard a cough from the road. This man would have come against me if I had gone down the road. He would probably have coughed on my face. On that day I really felt that I was protected from above…

By the way, my mom got that vaccine already (in the nursing home) and she’s ok what was great to hear! I first thought that maybe I dare take the vaccine now with a better mind. Though, I don’t think I’m going to get the same vaccine, so the effects may be different…Well, let’s see…anyway I can’t live long like this or I will go crazy soon, so I think the vaccine is just a must take…

Stay safe everyone! I hope the Guardian Angels are with you!!

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ADVENT CALENDAR 7. DOOR Korona aika/ Covid -19 life

(In english below)

Tällä hetkellä päällimmäisenä ajatuksenani eilisen itsenäisyyspäivän jäljiltä on kiitollisuus. Kiitollisuus siitä, että olen saanut kasvaa ja elää Suomessa. Maassa, jossa elää maailman onnellisin kansa, ja jossa pyritään hoitamaan kaikki aina niin hyvin kuin mahdollista, kuten tämä koronapandemia, jonka hoidossa olemme pärjänneet erinomaisesti kansainvälisessä vertailussa. Osasyynä tähän tietenkin on harvaan asuttu maamme ja melkolailla yleinen introverttiluonteemme, mutta kyllä terveydenhuoltomme on ensiluokkaista tasoa, ja kestänyt tämän pandemia-ajankin hyvin! Sauli Niinistön sanoin: ”Kyllä Suomi selviää”. Tähän minäkin olen alkanut luottamaan. Eiköhän se kuuluisa Suomalainen sisu auta meitä tässäkin asiassa. Minua ainakin on auttanut. On menty hammasta purren, ”läpi harmaan kiven”, niinkuin sanotaan.

Kaikesta huolimatta tämä korona-aika on muuttanut meidän jokaisen elämää. Miten pahasti ja pysyvästi, riippuu toki ihmisestä. Minun elämäni se on luultavasti jossain määrin muuttanut täysin pysyvästi. Tulen jatkossa luultavasti aina (tai ainakin hyvin pitkään) säikähtämään yskiviä ihmisiä. Tulen myös jatkossa aina pesemään käsiäni useammin ja huolellisemmin, etenkin kausi-influenssa-aikana, joka sekin iän kohotessa voi olla paha tauti! Varmaa on, että elämä ei ole (eikä tule olemaan) enää entisen laisensa…

Niin moni asia on muuttunut. Me jopa pyyhimme kauppaostokset (todella huolellisesti) nykyisin kotiin tultuamme. (Kuinkahan moni muu tätä tekee, kehtaako joku tunnustaa?!) Olemme tehneet tätä keväästä asti, mutta jokin aika sitten Kiinasta tuli uutinen, että he ovat todella löytäneet koronaa pakasteista (kylmässähän virukset elävät), joten ei tuo varmasti turhaa ole. Jos miettii, niin jokuhan on voinut kaupassa yskiä tuotteisiin, ja etenkin muovi-ja lasipakkausten pinnoilla virus saattaa elää mahdollisesti ainakin muutaman vuorokauden. Kotona tuotteet laitetaan jääkaappiin, ja tosiaan kylmässähän virukset viihtyvät (eli itseasiassa voivat siten elää paljon pidempäänkin). Otat sieltä sitten tuotteen, ja tuskin joka kerta peset käsiäsi välissä, niin sieltähän se korona saattaa hyökätä pahaa aavistamattoman, pienen ihmisen iholle…No mutta, ei se tähän jää. Tuotteiden pyyhkimisen jälkeen, on vielä pyyhittävä kaikki niiden kanssa kosketuksissa olleet pinnat huolellisesti, (ja muutkin sellaiset pinnat, joita jatkuvasti kosketellaan, kuten kaappien kahvat). Joka välissä on pestävä myös kädet huolellisesti. Myös puhelimen pyyhin (illalla vielä uudestaan ennen nukkumaan menoa). Tähän kaikkeen menee todella paljon aikaa, mutta haluamme pitää tästä tavasta kiinni, koska emme halua ottaa selvää siitä, miten pahasta viruksesta olisi meidän tapauksessamme kyse. Emme edes ole ihan nuoria enää, miehelläni on korkea verenpaine, ja minulla astmaepäilys…

Näin isoa työtä harva varmasti jaksaa jatkuvasti tehdä, mutta syytä olisi jaksaa edes ne normaalit käsien pesut, turvavälit, ja nyt viimeistään ehdottomasti myös maskin käyttö! Sitäkään eivät kaikki vieläkään käytä. Tätä en voi käsittää. Joka puolella puhutaan, kuinka kaikkia pelottaa. Ilmeisesti ei ihan kaikkia, vai miksi sitä maskia ei sitten käytetä. Ettekö usko sen tehoon, vai mitä? Ehkä sitten osa ihmisistä on päättänyt sulkea koronan elämästään, olemalla ajattelematta sitä. ”Poissa silmistä, poissa mielestä”, niinkuin sanotaan. Siinä vaiheessa se on kuitenkin huonosti toimiva metodi, jos tauti iskee päälle! Sitäpaitsi, vaikka et jaksaisi huolehtia itsestäsi, niin muista, että saatat myös tietämättäsi (oireettomanakin) tartuttaa muita. Ymmärrän sairaat ihmiset, joille maskin käyttö on vaikeaa. Ei se minullekaan helppoa ole, mutta vähän aikaa pystyn etenkin venttiilillä varustettuja maskeja pitämään (en siis tee tällähetkellä paljoa töitä, käytän maskia lähinnä kaupoissa. Puen sen rauhallisessa lähipuistossa, ja otan pois samaisessa puistossa, jotta saan myös vähän raitista ilmaa. Käsidesi on aina mukanani, jos joku nyt miettii hygieniapuolta.) Uskon, että suurinosa ihmisistä pystyisi tähän, joten

HERÄTYS, NYT ON TOSI KYSEESSÄ, KÄYTTÄKÄÄ SITÄ MASKIA! (mutta käyttäkää sitä oikein, eli muistakaa hyvä käsihygienia, ja muistakaa, että asettamisen jälkeen maskiin ei tule koskea (ellet sitten desinfioi käsiäsi välissä).

Erikoisia kauppareissuja

Ihmiset käyttäytyvät kyllä todella oudosti! Minulle on kauppareissuilla sattunut keväästä asti tosi erikoisia tapauksia. Eräänäkin päivänä noin kuukausi sitten, pienessä lähikaupassa, nainen kassajonossa minun takanani, tuli hyvin lähelle minua (ns.reviirilleni, kuten nykyisin tapaan sanoa). Nostin käteni eteen, ja sanoin hänelle, että: ”Pidetään se turvaväli”. Hän vain katsoi hölmistyneenä kuin jotain mielenvikaista. Aika hyvin on koronan olemassaolo onnistuttu mielestä poistamaan, kun reaktio turvaväliin on tuo!

Tässä artikkelissa minun oli kuitenkin pääasiassa tarkoitus kertoa oudoimmista sattumuksistani kauppareissuillani, joten tässä näitä tulee. Ota itsellesi mukava asento, ja vaikka jotain hyvää syötävää, ehkä juotavaakin, nyt mennään…

”Miksi otat meistä valokuvia?”

Olin kesällä menossa lähimarkettiin, ja saavuin parkkipaikalle, jonka läpi usein kuljen. Vastaan tuli ulkomaalaisten miesten joukko. Menin sivuun, autojen väliin odottamaan, että he kulkevat ohi, koska he tukkivat koko kulkuväylän, enkä siis halunnut kävellä ”heitä päin”. He myös puhuivat toisilleen melko äänekkäästi, jolloin pisaroita lentää…Otin puhelimeni esiin, koska ajattelin, että näyttää hölmöltä, jos vain seison parkkiksen sivussa. He saattaisivat ihmetellä, miksi jäin siihen. Koitin esittää, että minulle on tullut viesti, jota jäin muka lukemaan tmv., mutta tietämättäni pahensinkin vain tilannetta. Yksi miehistä tuli huutamaan minulle englanniksi: ”Why are you taking pictures of us?” No yritin selittää, että en ole ottamassa kuvia heistä (siis tietenkin englanniksi ”No, I’m not taking picktures?”) Ei hän tietenkään uskonut, vaan alkoi inttää asiasta. Siinä sitä oltiin, olin yrittänyt välttää kontaktia heihin, ja nyt jouduin väkisin ottamaan sen kontaktin. Kyllä pelotti pitkän aikaa, mutta onneksi mies lopulta uskoi minua…

”Eivät suomalaiset halua puhua”

Eräänä päivänä kaksi naista saivat minusta kaupassa riidan aikaiseksi. Tämä oli todella hämmentävä hetki, ja tilanne lähti naisesta, joka valitti kassalla jotain käsideseistä, kun tulin maksamaan ostoksiani. Hän kysyi minunkin mielipidettäni siitä, ovatko kaupan yhteiset käsidesit mielestäni liian korkealla. Puistelin hänelle päätäni, ja vastasin hiljaa, lyhyesti: ”ei”, sillä en halunnut jäädä puhumaan kenenkään kanssa pitkästi. Minua harmitti muutenkin hänen kovaäänisyytensä, sillä niitä pisaroitahan siinä lentelee. (Sitäpaitsi, kuten aiemmin mainitsin, minulla on aina oma käsidesipullo mukanani. En käyttäisi samaa pulloa, jota kymmenet/sadat muut koskettelevat päivässä. Toki myös maskien takia tarvitsen omaa pulloa. Vaikutin varmaan tylyltä, sillä tämä nainen näytti loukkaantuvan minulle. Hän totesi ääneen, että ”minä en näköjään halua puhua.” Vieressäni seisonut, ostoksiaan pakkaava, ulkolainen nainen kommentoi tähän, että monet suomalaiset eivät halua puhua. Suomalainen nainen oli tietenkin eri mieltä, puhelias kun oli itse. Jossakin kohtaa keskustelu muuttui riidaksi siitä, olinko yleensä suomalainen, vai en. Tämä oli aika koomista. Huvittuneena poistuin kaupasta, kun näin näiden kahden jääneen huutamaan toisilleen kovaan ääneen ”keskelle” kulkuväylää. Eipä minun takiani ennen olekaan riitaa aloitettu (paitsi lapsena, kun kaverini riitelivät kerhokeskuksella siitä, kumman kanssa minun tulisi kulkea kotiin. Kun siis minulla oli kaksi reittivaihtoehtoa. Kumpikin halusi minut kotimatkalle seurakseen).

”Ei mitään hätää”

Eräänä kesäpäivänä kotimme lähistöllä, kun olin kauppaan matkalla, törmäsin minua vanhempaan mieheen, johon vaistomaisesti otin etäisyyttä, ja nopeutin askeleitani, päästäkseni ohi. (Pelkäsin ja pelkään varsinkin nyykyään joka hetki, että joku yskii lähelläni. On niin paljon holtittomia yskijöitä.) Minulla oli myös huivi naamani peitteenä. Sillä hetkellä ei ollut maskeja. Kesällä toki tilanne oli parempi, joten tämä mies ilmeisesti ajatteli, että olin turhaa huolissani, sillä hän sanoi minulle: ”Ei mitään hätää enää, kaikki on hyvin nyt”. Ilmeisesti oli myöskin vähän alkoholia nautittu, jonka takia mies varmasti koki velvollisuudekseen neuvoa tai rauhoitella minua. Olisi tehnyt mieli kysyä, mistä hän sen niin varmasti tietää, että oliko hän jonkinlainen asiantuntija…

Kuka uskaltaa häiritä

Kerran säikähdin kaupassa pahemman kerran, kun pieni ulkolainen tyttö tuli yhtäkkiä viereeni, minun ollessani karkkihyllyllä, pakokauhun omainen ajatus päässäni, että on päästävä nopeasti pois täältä ihmisvilinästä. ”Hei, anteeks”, tyttö aloitti. No lapsethan eivät osaa niin pelätä, joten ei hän varmaan ymmärtänyt, miksi olin niin säikky (ja varmasti myös tyly). Tyttöhän halusi vain apua limupullon ostossa, kun ei tiennyt, minkä pullon rahoillaan saisi, eikä hän olisi sinne korkealle ylettänytkään. En hennonnut kieltäytyä auttamasta noin pientä tyttöä, vaikka kokoajan laskin mielessäni vain minuutteja, sillä jokainen minuutti ihmisten ilmoilla lisää tautiriskiä. Pyrin aina hoitamaan ostokseni sen kuuluisan 15min. sisällä, joka ei kyllä ihan aina aivan onnistu. No, laskin nopeasti tytön kädessä olevat kolikot, joita ei montaa ollut, ja siksi lakeminen kävi helposti pelkällä silmäilyllä. Sen jälkeen valitsin halvan, 0,5l pullon ylähyllyltä, ja ojensin hänelle. Tyttö sai limunsa, ja minä jatkoin takaisin karkkihyllylle…

”Mitä nyt…pysähdy!”

Tämä on varmasti kaikista oudoin tapaus, mitä minulle on kauppareissuilla, nyt korona-aikana käynyt. Tämä tapahtui syyskuun alussa. Olin tulossa illalla kaupasta, ja kävelemässä kaupan piha-alueelta kohti pientä polkua, kun ajattelin sen olevan rauhallinen kulkea. No, kävikin niin, että vastaani tuli nuori poika, jonka näin jo sen verran ajoissa, että päätinkin vaihtaa suuntaa. Käännyin kohti viereistä tietä, kun tämä poika alkoi huutelemaan perääni. Kuulin takaani äänet: ”Mitä nyt? Pysähdy”, ja lähdin hädissäni juoksemaan nurmikon poikki. Poika pyysi minua monta kertaa pysähtymään. Pelkäsin kuollakseni, lähinnä koska pelkäsin, että hän tarttuu minuun kiinni, jos tavoittaa minut, ja minä saisin mahdollisesti koronatartunnan. Hetken juostuani, lähestyin huoltoasemaa, jossa ainakin on aina ihmisä, jos jotain olisi tapahtunut. Lopulta pysähdyin, ja pyysin häntä jättämään minut rauhaan. Sanoin haluavani kotiin. Onneksi hän jättikin minut rauhaan. En edelleenkään ymmärrä, miksi hänen oli pakko saada minut pysähtymään, mutta onneksi mitään pahempaa ei sattunut. Hän ei edes sanonut minulle mitään. Minä vain käännyin ja jatkoin matkaani, eikä hän enää tullut perääni, onneksi! Taisi olla päihteiden vaikutuksen alaisena, joko humalassa, tai sitten jotakin muuta vetänyt.

Korona kesti kolme viikkoa

Tällaista täällä meillä korona-aikana…Näiden tapausten lisäksi, nuoret pojat huutelivat kerran kaupassa koronaa. Heistä varmaan oli hauskaa katsella ihmisten reaktioita, kun he käyttävät tätä sanaa. Sitä he siinä sitten toistelivat jonkin aikaa. Olisi tehnyt mieli sanoa suorat sanat, mutta en uskaltanut, eikä niin tehnyt kukaan muukaan…No, suomessa kun ollaan, mitä muuta voi odottaakaan…Erään kerran taas kaupan kassalla kuulin, kun vieressäni ollut ulkolainen mies kertoi kaverilleen, kuinka hänellä oli ollut korona. Kesti kuulema kolme viikkoa. Hyvä tietää, kiitos kun kerroit kaikkien kuullen. Olisit kyllä voinut tehdä sen jossain muualla kuin ruuhkaisen kaupan kassalla, jossa herätät vain pelkoa ihmisissä jo pelkästään lausumalla sanan ”korona”. Minä ainakin olin kauhusta jäykkänä pitkään tuon jälkeen, koska pelkäsin, että mitä jos se ei ollutkaan vielä kokonaan ohi, jos se kuitenkin vielä tarttuu minuun. No ei ilmeisesti tarttunut, onneksi! (ellen sitten ole ollut oireeton kantaja).

Aikaa leipoa

Toisaalta jos hyviä puolia etsii, niin on ollut enemmän aikaa pysähtyä ja rentoutua kerrankin kunnolla. Ennen koronaa elämäni olikin hyvin hektistä. Olin jatkuvasti menossa, ja tekemistä oli kaikenaikaa liikaa. Nyt olikin juuri hyvä hetki pysähtymiselle. Blogiakin olen saanut aktivoitua, ja olen myös oppinut leipomaan korona-aikana, mistä olen pitkään haaveillut, mutta koskaan ei tuntunut olevan aikaa. No nyt on ainakin sitä!

Myös luonto on voinut paremmin, kun ihmiset eivät ole olleet niin ahkerasti sitä tuhoamassa. Metsä ja eläimet kiittävät…eli kyllä tästä raskaasta ajanjaksosta hyvääkin on seurannut. Uskon, että tämän piti mennä juuri näin, jotta tulevaisuudessakin meillä on vielä maapallo, jossa pystyy elämään! Ilman koronaa olisimme jatkaneet entiseen malliin maapallon tuhoamista, kenties kohtalokkain seurauksin.

In english…

In the wake of yesterday’s independence day, I have gratitude at the top, gratitude for my Finnishness. I don’t always think about how lucky i am to live in a country where the happiest people in the world live and where everything is always done as well as possible like this pandemic. Our health care has played well. Of course, we have also been helped by our sparsely populated country as well as our rather general introvert nature. I have started to believe the words of our president: Sauli Niinistö: ”Finland will survive” and I think the whole world will survive when (soon) we get the vaccinations started.

Despite everything Covid -19 have changed our life around the world more or less. How this heavy time have infected in your life? Have it made a big changes to your everyday life? Mine it surely have and I think these changes will last the rest of my life. Things could never be the same as before! I will never be same. My way of thinking has changed dramaticly and I’m sure I will be atleast more accurate with hygiene specially on insfluenza seasons.

So many things have been changed. For example we wipe our grocery store shoppings very carefully every time we come home…and ofcourse after that we wipe every surface in the kitchen where those products touched and cupboard handles and so on. Then the phone have to be wiped (I wipe it again in the evening before going to bed). This is all taking a long long time but ”womans got to do what womans got to do.” I think it’s the so called Finnish strength (Suomalainen sisu) which has helped me cope… 😉

We’re living a weird time! People are acting really strange! On my grocery store shoppings I have been experienced very weard situations and those situations I gonna share with you now…

”Why are you taking pictures of us”

Once on the summer I was on my way to grocery store when I saw a group of immigrants on the parking. They did block the whole road so I waited for them to pass by between cars. I took my phone on my hand and played I got a message or something. I wanted to make it look normal situation but it was the other way around. One of the immigrants yeld at me: ”Why are you taking pictures of us?” I tried to explain that I’m not but he didn’t believe me. He just insisted that he saw I was taking pictures. I just wanted to avoid contacts and now I was forced to take a contact to some stranger. Well, few times I had to say that ”No, I didn’t take pictures” and finally he bealived me…or just gave up…

”Finnish people doesn’t want to talk”

Once on the grocery store at the checkout there was some woman conveying about stores disinfectants that those are too high or something like that. I was just paying my shoppings. Then she asked my opinion of those disinfectants. I just shook my head and quietly said:”No”. I didn’t want to talk too much with strangers so that the drops do not fly and she seemed to be hurted. She said:

”Oh, she doesn’t want to talk”. Then one immigrant next to her took part in the discussion and said that:

”Finnish people usually doesn’t want to talk” and guess what. Well yes, finnish woman got mad and yeld that:

”Yes they do!”

Finally the situation escalated so that they were fighting if I were finnish or not. I left the store amused…A normal day in USA maybe but not here…

”Don’t worry”

On one summer evening, when I was on my way to grocery store, I came across with one man and took a little bit distance. I had a scarf on my face (didn’t have masks by then) and that man obviously saw I’m scared so he said: ”No worries, everything is ok now!” Like he’s some expert. Well, the situation was better on summer but still…I didn’t say anything, just left. He was obviously drunk…

”Who dear to disturb”

Once I was terribly frightened, when some little immigrant girl came beside me on grocery store when I was looking for sweets. I just wanted to pick up the sweets and leave and then she came. She wanted me to help with picking up lemonade she had money for. I couldn’t say no even I would want to. I checked the coins in the palm of her hand and picked one bottle for her. I know I must have looked very irritated and dull but I was just so afraid. Children don’t understand. They can’t fear same way. Like I didn’t fear chernobyl on 1986 when I was 5 years old. Living was so simple…Well anyway, I helped the girl, went fastly to take my sweets and left.

”What’s the matter…Stop!”

This happened on the beginning of september. It was evening and I was walking home from grocery store. I was gonna walk through little path which I assumed to be peacefull but then I saw a boy walking against me. I turned to right where’s decent sand road and surprisingly that boy confused about this and yelled at me: ”What’s the matter? Stop! Many times he asked me to stop. I was so scared and didn’t understand. I just wanted to stay safe and be in my own space. I run and hoped that he would give up and leave but he didn’t. I got close to the gas station (where usually is people if something had happened). Then I stopped and asked that boy to leave me alone and luckily he did. He didn’t say anything. He just stood still. Then I turned and left and he didn’t came after me anymore! I think he was under the influence of intoxicants.

Three weeks of covid -19

In addition to these things , once in grocery store there were boys who were shouting: ”covid, covid”. They repeated it for a while. They obviously took it as a good joke and maybe wanted to see the reactions of people. Very stupid, I say! Why would someone want to make such a joke as serious thing as this and make people afraid! I atleast surely did was afraid! Still, no one said anything. Well, were in Finland so…Then one day on grocery store there was a boy at the checkout, who told his friend that he had a covid -19 and it took three weeks to get better. Again I was afraid…what if it wasn’t still totally over, I was wondering…


Well, if we look at the bright side there have been more time to relax and one thing have been really great: I’ve learned to bake! I don’t think that have happened without this pandemia cause I never had time to bake. I was going all the time and my life was really hectic. Now i have also had more time to do this blog and networked. Naturally, nature also thanks this when people have not been constantly destroying it! I’m starting to believe that this was meant to happen so that we do not permanently destroy our planet!

Till tomorrow…