*Singer, songwriter*

Last time I introduced you my old clas mate, pianist: Satu Paavola. This time I wanted to introduce you another talented woman: singer, songwriter ”Jippu”. She’s awesome artist and looks just like her mother (who’s by the way our old family friend from the days when Jippu was just a young woman living in her difficult teens and no one knew her. Even then she made music -which has certainly worked as a good therapy-).

Jippu came to the attention of the whole of Finland at the latest when she released her debut album ”Salaisuuksia, joita yksinäiset huutaa unissaan” (Secrets, which lonely cries out in their dreams), in September 2006. It sold gold in 2008. Jippu was also awarded the Emma Award for Best Debut Album of 2006 in early 2007 and participated in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest Finland qualifier with the song ”Kanna minut” (“Carry Me”).

(source: wikipedia)

Unfortunately Jippu has stopped making popmusic. Today she’s working as music evangelist and sings only gospel music. Listen to her songs below.

This is one of her most famous songs. (”City of angels”)


”Be quiet now”


”Two beautiful”


”A beautiful old man”



*Amazing pianist*

This very talented woman is my old clas mate! I remember how I admired her piano playing in the primary school when she was performing at different celebrations. Now when I heard her playing again, after about 30 years, I was that school girl again. I went in my mind to that ballroom and I felt the same feelings. The feelings of languor, the feelings of calmness. Her music touched that little, shy and quiet girl by then, the girl who lived for ballet and classical music and it still touches this life educated, middle aged woman in the current, totally different life situation. Even the world have changed and I have changed, my heart and feelings have not changed! In a way I’m still that little fearful schoolgirl who seeks her place and purpose and thirsting for beauty like this music!

Happy sunday and the official beginning of summer time (if it is used in your country)!

The evening is again an hour longer, I’ve been waiting for this!

ADVENT CALENDAR 9. DOOR The best songs from tv show ”Only life”/Parhaat vain elämää biisit

”The Finnish story” (orig.performer Vesku Jokinen.) This is the beautiful song about finnishness. English lyrics: https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/Klamydia/Suomalainen-tarina/translation/english

The dutch tv-program format, orig: ”De beste zangers van Nederland” has also been very popular in Finland. We know it by name: ”Vain elämää” as ”Only life”. This program have also been shown in Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Denmark and it’s my enduring favorites. The idea is that on every season a group of artists come together for about a week and they present versions of each other’s songs. Everyone in turn has their own day. On that day, others will perform his/ or her songs. The artist’s day also goes through her/ or his life. What a great idea this is!

This fall we saw the 11th season of the program and we heard again many wonderful versions of songs by popular finnish artists. Here you can listen some of those songs.

Mariska: ”The double bed sheets” A very touching song of divorce (orig. by Herra Ylppö).

A song remastered by Mariska: ”Sami Kuronen”. The song from a popular, charismatic finnish speaker/radio reporter who’s name is: Sami Kuronen. Sami is hosting Finnish version of Temptation Island and this theme is ingeniously incorporated into the song. A very funny conversion from the original song which was made from ex-miss Nina Autio! The song name was orig.also ”Nina Autio”, sang: Vesku Jokinen.

Mariska: ”Princesses dancing to the stars”. A more touching version of the song by Ressu Redford, orig: ”Princess”

Jannika B: ”Six moons and the rings of Saturn” (orig.performer Ressu Redford.) English lyrics: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/kuusi-kuuta-ja-saturnuksen-renkaat-six-moons-and-rings-saturn.html
Reino Nordin: ”Look what you did” Orig.Phil Collins: ”Take a Look at Me Now” (Finnish orig.performer Ressu Redford.)
Jannika B: ”When you touch me”/”Sometimes When We Touch” (Finnish orig.performer ex-tangoqueen: Arja Koriseva.)
Arja Koriseva: ”Thank you” (orig.by Mariska.) Very beautiful song!
Arja Koriseva: ”A stream of tears”. (Orig.by Reino Nordin.) English lyrics: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/kyynelten-virta-stream-tears.html
Stig: ”Who is the (right) one” (orig.by Ressu Redford.) Very clever version. I like those electro sounds! English lyrics: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/kuka-se-oikea-who-right-one.html
Stig: ”Boys don’t dance” (orig.by Herra Ylppö.) Funny electro song. English lyrics: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/pojat-ei-tanssi-boys-dont-dance.html-0


Chorus: ”If you stay by me I don’t promise a moon from the sky, only my love nothing else, if you stay by me…”


Hän lentoon lähti siivillään. Unesta voinut ei enää herättää. Nyt taivaalta meitä katselee ja läheisiään suojelee.


With her wings she rose up, flied to the heaven. Couldn’t be waking up, watching us from there. Guarding all her loved ones, always and forever.


Hanna-Riikka Siitonen were singer, most remembered of the 90’s girl duo: ”Taikapeili” (magic mirror) where she song with Nina Tapio (maker of that memory clip).

I was a teenager and big fan of them. I also had their album (on c-cassette). Specially I loved their cover song: ”Mitä yhdestä särkyneestä sydämestä” (What from a broken heart-orig.by Mamba) and also song named: ”Enkelin siivet” (Wings of an angel).

Still their most biggest hit and the first one of their hits were: ”Jos sulla on toinen” (If you got other one). Those days my friend got a school mate called: ”Jossu”. She were teased by that song cause if you say ”Jossu have” in finnish, it’s the same as ”Jossulla”. It sounds the same as ”If you (have)” – ”Jos sulla (on)”. So it’s like ”Jossulla on toinen” (Jossu have other one).

Oh, those days…It’s like ages ago…Hanna-Riikka left too early. Now she’s also in angels choir, like so many others…

Lepää rauhassa Hanna-Riikka!/

Rest in peace Hanna-Riikka!


This is very tasty kebab made with humour. ”Dorka” means ”dumb” or ”dork” in finnish. It’s used as fake Greece cause it sounds Greece. There is also a funny story on this packet.

”Niin aikaisin”/”So early”

”Nopeimmat junat”/”The most speedy trains”

This song reminds me of my childhood and my youth happy summerdays at summercottage.

There (in Helsinki) have been way too hot for my taste last days. It’s been about 30c. On Tuesday the highest temperature was 32c(/89,60F). If this heat is continuing I’m not sure how can I handle with this. I can’t sleep (well) and I can’t think because of this heat. Even we have had window open every day and night it’s still too hot. It’s quite hard even write these posts cause I can’t concentrate…

Beautiful sky one day nearby our home…

Today it was tolerable but now on the night our house is like sauna again…This is so rare in Finland that I know we should be happy…I promise to try my best!! 😁


This song: (Wild lupines) remind me also of our summer cottage cause there is growing much lupines…


This is just so beautiful and tacky…

”Muistan kesän”/”I remember the summer”

Try to stay cool on these hot summer days!!


Here’s the best songs (or atleast most of those) from ”Vain elämää” all seasons. (English lyrics below videos (except some of those where I didn’t find the lyrics.))

Season 1

Original: Katri Helena. This is an old classic. Cheek updated it to this day.

Original: Jonne Aaron

Original: Kaija Koo


Season 2

Original: band-”Kolmas nainen” (the third lady), solist, musician, songwriter: Pauli Hanhiniemi.


Original: Anna Abreu

Original: Laura Närhi


Original: Maarit Hurmerinta

Season 3

Original: Samuli Edelman

Original: Apulanta


Original: Vesa-Matti Loiri

Original: Jenni Vartiainen


Season 4

Original: Pave Maijanen


Original: Sanni


Season 5

Original: Lauri Tähkä


Original: Mikael Gabriel


Season 6

Original: Laura Voutilainen

Original: Irina


Original: Robin


”VAIN ELÄMÄÄ” Video Links

My last videos didn’t work. (Thanks for Cindy Knoke I realised that.) Those seemed to be working at first so I didn’t know those don’t anymore. Anyway, here is my new links (some extras too). These are from net tv and should be working! By the way, under every song link there is a link for english translation (except those songs where I didn’t find the lyrics). Enjoy!



(Original: Juha Tapio)


”Don’t go away”

(Original: Juha Tapio)



(Original: Cheek (= Jare Tiihonen))


”Under you”

(Original: Apulanta (band), the band solist: Tony Wirtanen, so this song was performed at his day)



(Original: Apulanta (-solist: Tony Wirtanen))

Next five videos are from encore day where every singer perform a song which they love. 


Have I Told You Lately.

(Original: Van Morrison)

In my mind this is better than the original, like rapper Cheek also said. There is more sound!


Against all odds.

(Original: Phil Collins)


Brazen (Weep).

(Original: Skunk Anansie)


”Evacuees song”

(Original: Anneli Saaristo)


Pariisin Kevät – Tämän kylän poikii lyrics + English translation 

(Original: Pariisin Kevät (=The spring of Paris)



”Sinun Vuorosi Loistaa” (You’r turn to shine) -song translation on the bottom of the page.

(Original: Juha Tapio)



(Original: Juha Tapio)



(Original: Apulanta (-solist: Tony Wirtanen))



(Original: Jari Sillanpää)


This song: (Evacuees song) is very touching song about Finland’s continuation War and those evacuees of Karelian after loosing it. It came my mind my grandpa who lost his childhood home at Vyborg (and his parents also). Their home were totally destructed.


Pariisin Kevät – Tämän kylän poikii lyrics + English translation 

This version was surprising. It’s very different than the original version. Sanni wanted Apocalyptica to play this song. What a super great idea! This is an art peace (though I like the original too). Touching song!


Vain elämää is one of my favorite programs. If you don’t know the idea, I’ll tell you. This program is originally from Netherlands and it’s also shown in Sweden (where it came here), Norway, Danish and in Estonian


There is a group of popular finnish singers in every season (about 7). They spend 8 days in ”Satulinna” (fairy tale castle) at beautiful area called ”Hirvensalmi” (except at season 6 wegen they where at Spain.) There they perform the songs of each other. Every day is possessed one of them when that one who’s day it is, is telling his/her story. They gather together at lunch and later at dinner. Everybody choose one of her/his songs to perform on her/his own way. (First part is performing at lunch and second part at dinner.) Between the lunch and the dinner they do something together, something which is decided by person who’s day it is. It’s lovely to watch how they get to know to each other and get closer, share emotions, thoughts, music, everything…and those song versions are usually great!

In this season participants where: pop singer Juha Tapio, pop/rock singer Kaija Koo, pop singer Sanni, tango King 1995: Jari Sillanpää, rap-artist: Cheek, ”art pop” singer: Jenni Vartiainen, punk artist: Toni Virtanen.

This is also quite different version compared to the original Apulanta punk band’s version. I like this. It’s so like Kaija Koo’s own song…but I like the original too. Both are great!


Again very different version than the original (Apulanta band’s version). This is very sophisticated and elegant version!

That’s beautiful too!



I’m confused how great performs all singers in all season’s could do even big part of them have said how they panic those performs. (Someone even said that shed been shaking). I can’t understand how is it possible to perform with strong panic. I so respect and also envy them because of that talent. I couldn’t do that. I have sometimes performed at karaoke bar but as I grew older it always needed some drinks before I could do that and there were no tv-cameras just ”few” drunken people at the bar. Still I have been nervous.

Kaija Koo even have been suffering very bad panic disorder and still she got her way back to stage. She said she thought she couldn’t come back and she was gonna stay retirement but here she is again. She seem to be so confident. I really respect her and love her music! (I do respect those all) but my special favorites in this season with Kaija where: Juha Tapio, Tony Wirtanen and our most successful tango King ever: Jari Sillanpää. He’s big, charismatic showman! By the way, he did once represent Finland at esc with the song: ”It Takes Two To Tango”. Maybe you do remember!

Have a nice week!


Did you know that singer-song writer: Lee Hazlewood (who made songs for example to Nancyn Sisarta) did record with -earlier years popular- finnish singer: Anna Hanski? I guess not. I didn’t either before I while a go saw one interview of Anna where she told the story behind that collaboration. 

It’s an an interesting story. Anna made at 90’s finnish version of the song: ”Summer wine”(”Kotiviin”) and that’s the reason they met. Lee realized he got royalty from Finland from some unknown girl. He called famous finnish show business expert ”Pertsa” Reponen and asked about Anna. After that conversation Lee wanted to meet Anna and the result of the cooperation was the record included their duetto of the song: ”Summer Wine”. (Originale version  was performed by Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra.) Anna and Lee became friends but Anna said that when she met Nancy Sinatra she was acting quite arrogant to Anna. Maybe she was jealous…or just typical diva. Lee fell in love to Finland and enjoyed his time there. 

Anna also told that some time later Anna went to Spain to could meet Lee once again. She did heard that Lee is there but he wasn’t anymore when Anna came there. Anna left a note to him. Later Anna heard Lee was dead and so they didn’t have a chance to meet again. Remembering that all made Anna very touched in that interview.

I think Anna sounds great on that record. Her voice is very good. She definitely plays not the second fiddle compared to Nancy! Good job! Like Anna said the record is really under rated. I think not very many even knows about that record like I didn’t before that interview.


There is three more songs by Kirka and two songs by his great sister Muska. ”Jari ja Mari” is my favorite of her songs. I guess most of these are quite well known for all with original versions.

Original: ”Johnny and Mary”(?)

Original: ”Bridge Over Troubled Water”

Original: ”Beginning and End”

”Johnny Be Good”

Original: ”Vado Via”