Quite ”sexy” dresses on those cheerleaders…untasty…I’m happy those were not in use, when I started cheerleading 1994 in this group!
My old cheerleading team…those red and white dressed…but the clip is too old for me to recognize anyone of girls exept one who were my coach later…but it’s nice clip and I like this song.
My former cheerleading team mates (and my former coaches) are seen on these three clips. I tried to fiend myself but not sure if I were there or not. I could be one of those on end of the line but the quality of this clip is so bad that I can’t say for sure…but I can say that one of my best friends those days is there…It also can be that I was on our summer cottage, where I was 3 weeks every summer with my family about that time. However, these dresses are much more nicer than the earlier ones.
I saw this competition live at Lahti. I was there performing too with my team at gymnastics event, which was held at the same time (6.-9.6.2013) with this group gymnastics world cup. Finnish ”OVO” team got the silver medal. This is very beautiful coreography!
Document of ”OVO team” training. They were targeting gold medal on this world cup on June 2013 but the medal they got was silver.
The trailer/or marketing video of international Gymnaestrada event in Helsinki 2015. Here’s my former flow gymnastic team mate too. That woman in main role…
Court show: ”The swan” (Valkea lintu) in which I participated on Gymnaestrada 2015. I can be seen in section 2.40. I’m quite in the middle, approximately 11. in the second queue.
”Elämän voima” (The power of life) 2018 in Turku at national Gymnaestrada. I also participated in this with my team but haven’t find myself on this video.
Final show on SG 2018 Turku. Pretty spectacular (even as I say myself). As you can guess, based on the ”Elämän voima” show and those dresses, I was one of the tree trunks, on the left side.
My team mates on SG 2018, In the hall show. I wasn’t participating this. I was on the side of the stand.
The clip of my favorite dance movie: Pina.
The second clip of that movie.
The best part (pas de deux) of my favorite ballet: The Nutcracker.
Finland’s first gold medal on hockey world cup 1995 is never forgotten. I was cheerleadering in our own match at that time…we won that match too. Double win to me!
I remember the sinking of cruise ship Estonia like yesterday. I was 14 at that time. This is also something Finnish never forget!
That’s really good question what I’ve been thinking for so long. What is happiness really? Are you happy? When I’m writing this (January 2021), we are living in the middle of covid -19 pandemic so I think there isn’t very many people in the world who can say is truly really happy…and we’re all together with this. We’re all as miserable now, I guess (unless you are newly wilted). I have many depressed people around me right now (I’m too little bit myself). So Finns are not (always) happy either 😉 and actually I haven’t really noticed even before corona that Finns would be especially happy. Also this polar night season is affecting here in Finland. I’m too tired all the time…Luckily it’s getting more light every day and pretty soon it’s spring already…
That’s good question too…I think many people have things here in Finland roughly ok and basics are ok and that’s why they think they feel happy. I don’t know, is it more like they feel they should be happy or are they really truly happy? Maybe they just don’t want to complain or be negative…or open up too much like me. I don’t want to burden others with my problems…but I have sometimes noticed that even when I shoud be happy, when there’s all basics technically quite ok (which is rare to me), I still don’t feel it. My fault is also that I think too much about things and my brain is constantly overclocking and maybe that’s why I quite often don’t feel the inner peace of mind so that I could say I’m really happy.

It’s that matter of eternity like there’s always something missing…and surely something is missing almost always cause you can’t get everything. That’s the thing (in Finns), I think we’re usually reaching some missing part when we actually should keep in mind what’s good in life…but there are those too who can make it happend and can focus only the good things. Maybe there’s more of those people than I knew…but if you listen to Finnish music, it’s not so happy. It’s usually quite sad or wistful. Those are often songs where the land of happiness is needed or the land of fairy tales is needed, like for example the popular tango: ”Satumaa” (fairyland) or the song: ”Onnenmaa” (land of happiness). That land many of us has set out in search from some warmer, souther places where there’s palms, turquoise water and of course sun which is the only thing I would like to have winter apartment for that polar night season. It could make good for mental health. Snowy forests are also beautiful and I kind of like winter when it’s snow but the lightless season is too long and in Helsinki there is not so much even snow anymore…but yes, it’s difficult question and it depends on how you look it!
Very beautiful and emotional song of the movie: Romeo & Juliet. This clip is so moving!
The cake with the ”Little ones tv”-theme picture. This is classic finnish childrens program, which I also watched as a kid. Youtuber ”Kakkumonsteri’s” implementation is great!
The ice warning for children made by ”little ones tv” as Pikkukakkonen. I loved this as a kid! I have a post of this in my regular posting side.