8.12. CHRISTMAS CALENDAR (What do finns think about Finland)

Let’s see what finnish people think about Finland and being finnish…

Great answers!!

However, I would add to this that politicians could still be paying more attention to disadvantaged people. They have been cut too much from them. 

Still, it’s true that we have things good compared to many other countries…

I hope this will last…and that we even got it better in future…

…And sure we should be grateful for war veterans too!!

Everyone knows already that I love sauna and salmiakki (which were mentioned in video too).

Someone mentioned also nature but no one did said one thing which is one of the best parts in our nature: The Lakes. Like it’s said we have the


That makes our nature so beautiful!

And in Helsinki we have this beautiful sea…

Have a great weekend!



Moomin shop at Helsinki. Cute, or what!

Moomin soda with cute etiquette. (Those etiquettes are few different versions.) This is my favorite! A little Moomin love! Like I said before the soda tastes wild strawberry (if there’s someone who didn’t read my last post about this topic). It’s really good!


There is two great videos for you.

The first one includes very beautiful nature images from Finland with beautiful Jean Sibelius song.

The second one is trailer from the new version of the movie: ”Tuntematon sotilas” (The unknown soldier) which is about Finland’s continuation war (1941-1944). That new film have been praised even the old one have been a real classic through the years. In this new version there is much things which was left away in that old classic. Things which were tabs by then, right after war. So I think this new version actually is more realistic even at first I was insular. Have to see this version as soon as possible!

I let those videos speak themselves…

4.12. CHRISTMAS CALENDAR (Finnish nightmares)

This is a funny book of finnish people. I got to know this book of few youtube videos where foreigners did present this book.(There you can see one of those). Later I did read this book at book store.

There below is my samples of that book (which I found really funny) and after that a comment how I feel for every argument.

As you can see on the video in the book there’s pictures to show these situations but I just try to describe these.

When you’r out of coffee (you’r depressed). 

Definitely yes! I need my morning coffee!

When you want to leave your apartment but your neighbor(s) is in the hall way. (Your looking at peephole and waiting they’re gone.)

Sometimes yes, usually no. I don’t do that very often but sure there’s days when you don’t wanna meet anybody…

Sharing an elevator with a stranger. 

Ok, I have to admit. It can be a little awkward. Finnish people need their own space. In elevator you don’t really have that much…

When you meet your neighbor more than once with a short time. 

This doesn’t usually bothers me much. It depends is she/he someone I know well and which mood I am (do I want to talk to people or not).

When you sit at the bus and someone comes to talk to you.

It depends. If I’m tired or depressed I don’t want to talk to strangers but normally I do like that…or atleast it’s ok to me if that person is proper and not too drunk like people actually very often is here in Finland if they start to talking to strangers. 

When you wanna taste some free samples but don’t want to talk with seller. 

This just happened to me some time ago at K-market grocery store. There was some gratin tastes and I was gonna walk over it but then that worker saw me and invited me to taste her food. I was just so tired that I didn’t want to talk to anybody and would love to go back home as soon as possible. Sure I had to talk to her a little cause I didn’t want to be rude. 

When someone gives you compliments. (It makes you embarrassed.)  

That’s for me too! I ”hate” to get compliments cause it means extra attention…or sure it’s kind of nice but somehow it do makes me embarrassed, specially when I was younger…


This is one of my favorite Christmas songs. It’s beautiful but it also reminds me of my grandma’s funeral where this was played at 1996. I was 15 at that time. It was my last year at comprehensive school.

My grandma, me with my doll and my mother at Christmas (1988/1989). Christmas time was very special when grandma came to celebrate with our family and did bring Christmas presents to me and to my brother. Those Christmas celebrations I have very warm memories.

Grandma spent years at hospital having dementia and her brain activity went poorer and poorer. Eventually she faded away. She didn’t smile her bright smile anymore. She didn’t recognize anyone anymore and the level of her consciousness went down. (It’s sad to realize that now -almost 22 years later- it seems like my parents will probably have quite same destiny in the future. They both are having some memory issues.)

My grandma was very special person to me at my childhood. It’s so long time ago that it’s almost like dream already but I will always remember her bright smile and that hilarious laughter in my mind. Sometimes I can still even hear that laughter (in my mind).

This song brings much memories. It touches my heart deeply every time I listen it!


Second hatch comes here. 

This ride at Linnanmäki amusement park will be gone next year. It did serve it’s last time this year. ”Vekkula” is nostalgic to me from my childhood. It did complete in 1961 and it have been classic ride since then (specially for children). It have also been updated every now and then. 

When I was little I was scared of those funny stairs but after those came the slide which was the best part. I would like to take that slide over and over again.

Let’s try ”Vekkula” virtually!