Jippu-Old beautiful man

”Jippu” (Meri-Tuuli Elorinne) is one of my favorite, finnish singers who’s mom is our family friend. Also I have known her step father. Two first albums of ”Jippu” did sell gold. The third album which she made together with other singer did sell platinum.

I wanted to share this touching article made of radio program where”Jippu” is interviewing her mother. 

”Jippu” had tough youth. His biological father is famous opera singer. Her parents divorced when she was six years old. Her relationship with her own father wasn’t easy like it wasn’t with her step father either. 


Lyrics in english below…

”Jippu” falled apart and was put to child caring institution when she was 15 and that came ful surprise for her mom. She heard that in the middle of her work day and started to cry. She went to meet ”Jippu” and bring flowers to her.  ”Jippu” didn’t understand why her mother left her there and why she couldn’t go home with her. Later she understood it was good for her. 

They had very long split with her mom. They didn’t see each other for years. Then when ”Jippu” was expecting her own child, she realised the meaning of mother and daughter relationship. She wanted to see her mom, called her and drived instantly to mother’s place. They had very emotional meeting. Mother was at shock when they met. They both shed tears while remembering this.

Jippu-The town of angels

Lyrics in english below…

”I’m sorry I was gone for so long and hurted for so many!” ”Jippu” said later.

My eyes watered also when I did read this. I thought ”Jippu” hugging with her mother and I was so touched. I’m happy they finally found one other again! I hope the best for you both…or all three actually…including already 2-years old boy: Romeo! You are all in my thoughts…

Jippu-who made me this woman

Lyrics in english below…


The touching interview below.

Jipun ja äidin koskettava yhteishaastattelu – lastenkotiin joutuminen jätti jäljet


This cutie was at our yard one day. I’m happy I got the picture of it before it run away!

These two squirrels I saw ower a year ago when I was on my way to gymstick class. Aren’t those cute too?

I was interrupted today at the shopping centre when I was makeing a call to my man. Some boy where makeing something and asked if he could cheer me up. I just walked away and said: ”I have to call.” Then after I did walk over I realised what should I say. I could say: ”do you really wanna cheer me up? Then give me 2000€ (or give me atleast 200€) That will cheer me up.” It would be so funny.

I really hate that they’re always everywhere marketing something these days. I hate that they have to make us always by something. It’s not helping that they try to be so nice. Do I know you? No. Are you my friend? No. Why do you try to be nice. I know what you want. You want me to put my (last) money for your some stupid thing. You want only my money…but I know what I need and I don’t have any extra money so this is annoying. Let people just be sometimes! 

Esplanad park.

Speaking of friends I saw my friend accidentally at grocery store today. Nice surprise! Yesterday we were together at Esplanad park eating ice cream and today we collided again. What a coincidence!

There below is a funny and useful test if you want to know are you blogging addict. I’m surprisingly not…but I do have seasons when I’m more addicted. Luckily not all the time.

Still one thing for you…



This is document video of Riitta Väisänen and her famous tv-quiz: ”Kymppitonni” (ten grand) (In finnish only).

I hope you don’t think now I’m a miss competition fan. It’s not that (not after youngster years) but I wanted to write this post cause this woman deserved an own post. I just wrote about that how some miss you will remember always while others you will forget right away. Riitta is the one who people do remember (still over 40 years after her crowning). She’s (maybe) the most famous miss in Finland and she’s the person who everyone loves. You can’t be not likeing her. That’s very important thing: the personality. The look is helping but it’s not everything at all. Her person is just right: genuine and sympathetic and by genuine I mean that she really is what she is. She doesn’t even have any education or class to tv-job cause her man (famous finnish comedian: Spede Pasanen) noticed that she’s great just the way she is. In his mind Riitta didn’t need any education (even she would like to have it). Spede was right. Riitta was so cute being amateur (that was surely the reason she was so loved). The education would have been spoiled it. She was one of the first naturally speakers who didn’t follow any formal schema. (For example all this Riitta is telling in that linked document video). 

Picture crosswords quiz 1985. (I was 4-5 years). That program I don’t remember. It did run only about a year in tv. 


Her most popular tv-quiz ”Kymppitonni” was playful competition where the idea was to guess the right word for the tips which every competitor made on her turn. The money competitors got went to the charity firm with their choice. I loved that quiz younger. It was fun to be guessing these words by yourselves (and not to look the right answers). 

Riitta Väisänen in one of Spede Company’s ”Uuno” movies. (Don’t remember which one of those this is). If you want to know more these movies read my earlier post: ”Pertti ”Spede” Pasanen in memoriam”. The link didn’t work but you can find it in file: syyskuu 2016 (September 2016).


Riitta haven’t been working for tv for a while. In one program where she was interviewed she said she haven’t got tv- job cause she’s too old (62). That is typical these days. When you get older you don’t pass anymore anywhere. That topic have been in media much lately. For example our big tv- channel YLE did fired many their older, long career made worker. That’s so wrong! They shouldn’t do like this! If you can do your job and the audience loves you then you should keep your work despite your age, right! Not everyone in tv have to be young! We all get older but if you are healthy you are atleast as good as younger maybe even better cause you have experience more! That’s the thing! 

Miss Finland 1976 clip.


I would take ”Kymppitonni” back or maybe they could discover some new entertainment program for Riitta if thats too worn out!

Have a nice week!


Just that you know, my dad is much better now. We went to see him yesterday. I write more later but today I wanted to make a post of my favorite miss Finland: Lola Odusoga.

The day before yesterday I did read a magazine article of first miss universe: miss Finland, Armi Kuusela. I think most of women have heard of her sometimes. She have been very much blazed under these years. She’s elegant, yes! She’s stylish, yes! She’s good looking…

              but she’s not our most beautiful miss in all the timeWe have to remember that there was not so much competitors in 1952. There was competitors only from 30 countries and there was not (I think) for example any latinos or africans or any other exotic womans. 

                Many of those have so gorgeous bodys and long legs that we just can’t compete with them. In these days miss universe Armi wouldn’t place. It was so different then. 

If most women remember Armi Kuusela, I’m not sure is there so many who remember Lola Odusoga but in my mind she’s our most gorgeous miss. She did place at miss universe 1996 of third. After that she have hosted many programs and events. She’s one of our most successful miss ever and those are rare. Most of them you just forget right after her agency year. Just few of them we will remember and will make a huge career like one of our very famous miss, maybe most famous (the first runner up, and miss Europe): Riitta Väisänen. She was even more successful than Lola. She married our big comedian: Spede and with his help Riitta got some little roles from Spede movies and she got her own entertaiment program ”Kymppitonni” which was very popular for years and years.

Our success in miss universe is pretty much like in eurovision but we have however two wins (and Lola’s third place). Anyway, I just wanted to say that Lola is my favorite. She’s just so gorgeous and also very sympathetic! There will be never another Lola!


”All it believes, all it hopes, all it suffers…Love only stays…Love never dies”, Mia Joki is singing with her magical voice. So simple but so true! So much life in it with that haunting melodia. So much emotions. Music is sometimes very powerful like this song! I fell in love with it when I heard it in tv the day before yesterday. Yesterday evening (at monday) I listened it again and it got me thinking about my parents. Maybe because I sent my dad again to hospital at monday. 

It was very much like the last time before Christmas when he had a pneumonia. He was unclear and weak like then. Also he had a fewer. Crp have been high (which is telling eruption) so it can be the same again. 

This song got me thinking my parents marriage and their whole life. They have made a long trip together and they really have been believed, hoped and also suffered. They’ve been married since year 1969 which makes almost 48 years. They got my brother five years after that and I got my life started (at mom’s stomach) when they had been then years together. These years have went so fast and we have experienced so much! It’s hard to think that my own parents who where about my age when they got me are already in 70’s. That feels very weard but the fact is they’re getting old and I don’t know how long they even can be living at home and can dad be still back home after this. Let’s just hope it’ll work out somehow…even we all know nothing is everlasting…

(By the way this song could have been our Eurovision song contest song. (I know I thought the real one would work better it did but this could have been maybe even better for that competition). This is so much ESC style.)


I visited yesterday at Sartenada’s blog and did read a post of the old church of Keuruu in middle-Finland.

It’s familiar to me like Keuruu town anyway. That church came in my mind Pihlajavesi old church (1780-1782). Pihlajavesi is a small country village in Keuruu town (about 500 occupants). I have visited in that old church few times. 

This church is very interesting. It have been (years ago) listed one of the world’s 10 biggest miracles because of the shadows of the people who did once sut there every sunday at same place. 

The church is located in the middle of the wild forest which is so beautiful. It’s about three km from the Pihlajavesi railway station. 

Pihlajavesi is anyway very beautiful village with lakes and versatile nature. I recommend you all to visit there once in your life (atleast if you come to Finland) but at first you can watch that video presentation of that old church.

Have a great new week!


It’s the best time of the year here in north: midsummer! Now it’s the time to eat well, maybe drink some, go to sauna and relax!

If you don’t know what to eat at midsummer (and want to something else than just grilled sausages or ribs) there is one good recipe to you, which is my favorite! It’s the pasta I make regularly with a little variations. Previous time I tried a new process again which is the best way ever make pasta (cooking pasta in it’s sauce-atleast partly). I’m gonna use it always in the future cause the texture will be better in pasta (all dente) but it’s not only that, also pasta takes flavour in it’s sauce. This is simple but sooo tasty pasta. Now little bit advertisement also. ”Pirkka” tomato crush (with herbs) is the best I ever tried (but you are maybe not getting it if you live outside Finland). So just use your favorite tomato crush. 

You can put in your pasta what ever you like but that’s simple base…and that cheese what I tried last time (and was delicious) you can replace whit what ever cheese you like. 

Amounts are guideline. If you want to save food to next day, you can add more these ingredients. 

you need (for two):

-(Pirkka) tomato crush (with herbs) (1 can)

-a small onion (or half of onion)

-makaroni or pasta (about 100-200g)

-cream (dash)

(-chilli cheddar) cheese (some)

(-olives some)

(-tabasco some)

-Barbecue spice mix (some)

(-for watering you can use some olives Juice or maybe some olive oil or dash of water)

Sometimes I put also knackwursts in this pasta (and it’s worth to try) but this time I didn’t.


If you like you can start with cooking pasta a little bit (just few minutes). Then it doesn’t have to be in sauce as long. It depends what you like and how vigorous (all dente) you want your pasta. If it seems you have pasta quite much compared to sauce it’s better to cook pasta first a little bit (unless you use fresh pasta.) Atleast this is quicker way.  

(If you now have the pasta’s cooking water on,) you can peel and chip the onion and sweat it quickly if you like. Last time I forgot my onion and put it straight to sauce, but it was also good. Not so smooth but good.

Then you can put the sauce to pan (with onion) and throw the pasta also there. Cook as long as the pasta is fine for you and mix sometimes. If the sauce will get dry, add some watering (olive juice, olive oil or water). Then put the seasonings and cream there and finally cheese and olives. Your pasta is ready! 

You can serve this pasta for example with feta salad. It’s good combination and suites great at (mid) summer!

Bon appetit and happy midsummer!