ADVENT CALENDAR DOOR 19. *Childhood Christmasses*

The very best Christmasses ever was undoubtedly my childhood Christmasses when the Christmas evening was the best day of the year!

Those photos have been taken about on Christmas 1987/1988. I have my new gift doll with me. In second photo there’s my grandma and my mother with me. Obviously we had also gingerbread house on the coffee table. It was rare for us. It must have been the year my brother decided to make it.

These photos have been taken on Christmas 1990 (I think). In the first photo I’m with my grandma, who was hospitalized quite soon after this. In those two other photos I’m dancing ballet on Christmas evening (which I was doing almost all the time). In the image below my grandma is clapping to me and my mother is pouring coffee. (By the way my mother cut my hair before that Christmas. As you can see it’s not very beautiful. It’s way too short. Well, she admit it herself too and never cut my hair again…) I’m also sorry for the image quality but these are photos taken of photos…


Childhood Christmas reminds me specially of two things: my grandma and big piles of gifts. Of course gifts are not the most important thing but it was so exciting as a child. That kind of excitement is hard to get anymore but I’m sure you all know how it feels to wait something so eagerly, right?! To wait something with full of joy and happiness! I remember how we shake’d the presents with my brother and we tried to find out what was in the packages…

I had few of different Polly pockets as a child. I owned one of those in the video, that hairdresser Polly which was so beautifull in my mind (well, it has a beautifull colors.)


I no longer remember many of the gifts I received however, three important gifts have remained in my mind.

  • Polly pocket (don’t remember which of those specifiacly but I had wished for one as a gift)
  • Plushie toy dogg (I got it from my grandma)
  • The doll I named: ”Marjukka” (in picture)

Super cool Polly pocket toy village!


My Christmasses were great but Santa never visited to us. Every year we all went to wait him after eating to the hallway…but in vain. It was just the show of my family for me to make it look like real thing. Only I waited seriously. I still remember how seriously. Well, Santa never came and my mother told me that he have no time to visit everybodys house but every year I really hoped that maybe this year he finally comes to us. He never did…but it’s ok. Maybe Santa never visited to us but my grandma (and grandpa) did…It’s more important. From her me and my brother got also presents so we didn’t really need Santa…

Well, I don’t remember how the present thing were handled when we were little but one thing I do remember from the time when I was in elementary school. Some time before Christmas my mother always came to told me that the elf’s did bring Christmas presents. My mother did this quite long time. I didn’t even believe Santa anymore but there were time when I just said ”ok” and thought that there were some girls or boys dressed as elves which bring those presents, funny right?! My mother must have thought I still believed in Santa…

I’m very happy of my childhood Christmasses and always carry them in my heart!

(Yes, I’m late again. I’m so sorry. There’s too few hours a day like I always say.)