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Look what I found yesterday when I was on a walk… Yes, a bumblebee. I would almost love to pet those fluffy bugs but maybe better that I didn’t..

Bumblebees (Bombus) is a genus of flying insects belonging to the genus Apidae, one of the bee families. They have a sturdy, hairy body, and thanks to their large size, they are easily distinguishable from other insects. Bumblebees eat nectar and act as important insect pollinators for many plants. Bumblebee species are found on all continents except Antarctica.

Source: Wikipedia


”Once upon a time, a completely unknown country, there lived a bee, which has long been told.

And the name of this bee was Maija, small pretty bee Maija. Maija flies to the world, wonders to see it. Here is today our friend Maija, small, brisk friend Maija. Everyone loves Maija. Maija tell us your story”.

When I was younger, I (like presumably many other children / young people) mixed a bumblebee and a bee. I have blamed Maija-Mehiläinen for this: a children’s program that I watched as a child.

Maija is a bee, but still a plump ball, so it looks more like a bumble-bee. I have wondered why a children’s program gives such erroneous learning to children? Anyway, I loved the program, and I still like its theme melody.

Have a nice day!