ADVENT CALENDAR 9. DOOR The best songs from tv show ”Only life”/Parhaat vain elämää biisit

”The Finnish story” (orig.performer Vesku Jokinen.) This is the beautiful song about finnishness. English lyrics:

The dutch tv-program format, orig: ”De beste zangers van Nederland” has also been very popular in Finland. We know it by name: ”Vain elämää” as ”Only life”. This program have also been shown in Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Denmark and it’s my enduring favorites. The idea is that on every season a group of artists come together for about a week and they present versions of each other’s songs. Everyone in turn has their own day. On that day, others will perform his/ or her songs. The artist’s day also goes through her/ or his life. What a great idea this is!

This fall we saw the 11th season of the program and we heard again many wonderful versions of songs by popular finnish artists. Here you can listen some of those songs.

Mariska: ”The double bed sheets” A very touching song of divorce (orig. by Herra Ylppö).

A song remastered by Mariska: ”Sami Kuronen”. The song from a popular, charismatic finnish speaker/radio reporter who’s name is: Sami Kuronen. Sami is hosting Finnish version of Temptation Island and this theme is ingeniously incorporated into the song. A very funny conversion from the original song which was made from ex-miss Nina Autio! The song name was orig.also ”Nina Autio”, sang: Vesku Jokinen.

Mariska: ”Princesses dancing to the stars”. A more touching version of the song by Ressu Redford, orig: ”Princess”

Jannika B: ”Six moons and the rings of Saturn” (orig.performer Ressu Redford.) English lyrics:
Reino Nordin: ”Look what you did” Orig.Phil Collins: ”Take a Look at Me Now” (Finnish orig.performer Ressu Redford.)
Jannika B: ”When you touch me”/”Sometimes When We Touch” (Finnish orig.performer ex-tangoqueen: Arja Koriseva.)
Arja Koriseva: ”Thank you” ( Mariska.) Very beautiful song!
Arja Koriseva: ”A stream of tears”. ( Reino Nordin.) English lyrics:
Stig: ”Who is the (right) one” ( Ressu Redford.) Very clever version. I like those electro sounds! English lyrics:
Stig: ”Boys don’t dance” ( Herra Ylppö.) Funny electro song. English lyrics: