ADVENT CALENDAR DOOR 20. *My gingerbreads*

Door 20. Opens…

Finally I started my own Christmas baking. Here’s My gingerbreads

Gingerbread 1

Gingerbread 2

Gingerbread 3

Gingerbread 4

These triangle Gingerbreads I made accidentally from star Gingerbreads. I just folded a couple of claws with a thought of making The gingerbread look like damson plum jam (a star version). Then I realized it can’t be made of star gingerbread. It needs circle on base.

Gingerbread 5

Gingerbread 6

Gingerbread 7

Gingerbread 8

Gingerbread 9

Gingerbread 10

Gingerbread 11

Gingerbread 12

My Gingerbread version of ”damson plum jam” (star tart as we say those in Finland).

Gingerbread 13

Gingerbread 14

Gingerbread 15

Gingerbread 16

Gingerbread 17

ADVENT CALENDAR DOOR 17. *Gingerbread Moomin house*

Door 17. Opens…

Great gingerbread Moomin house made by ”Kakku monsteri” (as Cake monster).

(I’m sorry, I’m late again with this. Just couldn’t make it on time…)

Good night…or should I say

have a nice day…

well whatever the day time is there where you are, have a nice day…or evening…or sleep well as I will try to do soon…

ADVENT CALENDAR DOOR 14. Miisa’s fudge

Door 14. opens…

I found that Miisa’s fudge recipe on Valio’s website. If there is faith in Miisa’s words, this should be really delicious. I haven’t tested this myself yet, but I’m going to test it.

So like I promised…here comes the recipe…

You’ll need:

200g White baking chocolate

2 dl sugar

2,5 dl caramel Cream

50g butter

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 dl dried cranberries

1US cup=2,4dl

1UK cup=2,8dl


Before starting cooking, please note that you have a food thermometer. The right temperature is essential for fudge success. The time taken to reach the correct temperature is difficult to estimate. It depends on the cooking pot, the stove, etc.
Crumb white chocolate. Leave aside to wait.
Measure the sugar, cream and butter in a saucepan.
Heat slowly, stirring, until the sugar has melted evenly in the mixture. Continue cooking on low heat until the mixture is 116 degrees, avoid stirring.
Lift the pot off the stove.
Add the white chocolate to the mixture and beat for a few minutes until the mixture cools slightly and becomes fluffy. Stir in the salt and cranberries quickly.

Pour the mixture into a bread pan lined with foil or baking paper (approx. 12 x 25 cm)

Allow to solidify in the refrigerator covered overnight. Cut into pieces.

Store in a cool place.

Finally just enjoy!