Ok, the game is over and we have new winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2021 -after two years break-. The winner is Italy’s glam rock band: Måneskin.
Finland’s ranking was sixth. It’s our second best result in proportion to the number of participants, so this Contest went well! (Today, there are many more participating countries than before).

Neither of the songs were my personal favorites, but at least for the Finnish song I could expect audience voices. Rock always has its own fan base, and the band (Blind Channel) is quite popular abroad (more popular than in Finland) and as I mentioned yesterday the song (chorus) is really catchy. We got well votes from the audience but we also got moderate points from the jury.

Finland’s first and so far the only win in ESC history was in 2006.


My personal favorites were: Bulgaria, France, Austria (eliminated in the semifinals), Georgia (eliminated in the semifinals)… and also pretty nice catchy song was in Greece and in Cyprus (which sounded like Lady Gaga. Also singer looked a little bit like her.) Anyhow I didn’t like the idea of this song. I don’t know who would like to give herself to devil… 😱 Not very good message!

From the link below you can find the total results and listen all songs.

Congratulations on a good place, Blind Channel!

ESC 2021

In an hour, the exciting Eurovision final begins. After a year break, it has been nice to watch the classic European Song Contest again.

Finland made its way from Thursday’s semi-final to tonight’s finals. Since then this contagious earworm has been playing in my head. It is already time for the Finlands previous and only historical victory (2006), when Lord’s catchy rock song (”Hard Rock Hallelujah”) took us to victory, so I think it would be our turn to win again…(By the way, Lordi will perform in tonight’s final).

However, there are many really good songs in the competition, so it may be that this slightly Lord-like rock song isn’t going through this time

We have this saying in Finland after winning something: ”see you at the market place!” but this time if we really will win, pleace DON’T MEET IN THE MARKET, right! (Because of the Corona).