GEISHA -chocolate

Update -the story of Geisha

A small update to the previous post. I found an article on the birth of Geisha chocolate on Fazer’s website.

The story of Geisha chocolate began with a Japonica pastry that Peter Fazer (the grandson of Karl Fazer) fell in love with at Fazer cafe in 60s. He asked product development to try Japonica pastry’s japonais filling along with milk chocolate – and soon (1962) the recipe for success was ready!

Fazer bars ”little good” -commercial.


”The Geisha name and pink color were borrowed for the product from the caramel of the Fazer’s best bag, which was renamed Tokyo. Japan served as the inspiration for the new product at that time through the Tokyo Olympics, in which Peter Fazer himself participated in the sport of sailing.

The word Geisha means artist. ”Gei” means skill and ”sha” means knowledgeable person. Geisha embodies the depth of oriental mysticism, strives deeper than the surface, and leaves a mark on Japanese culture.”


So there’s the original story of Geisha -chocolate. Also I have read that it was a big Japan boom in Finland in 60’s.

In the previous post, I mentioned Karl Fazer’s admiration for the Japanese culture as a part of the birth of Geisha -chocolate but after reading this text, I realised there is much more behind this fine and traditional chocolate!

So Karl Fazer did not develop itself this chocolate, it was done by his grandson but Geisha name was used as a candy (as mentioned above). This was presumably the result of Karl Fazer’s admiration for Japanese culture.