Pan cake

I love pancakes and because there has been more extra time since last year, I’ve made those quite often! Here’s my latest version of them which was sooo delicious!!!

Pan cake

Pan cake

I added gingerbread crumb on top which brought more crispness to this and the flavors fit together really well!

The strawberryjam, banana and gingerbread was really good together!

I also added some x-tra margarine and it made this even more tasty (and more brown)!

Those turquoise spots are sugar mass which I used at Christmas to decorate gingerbreads. I accidentally decorated all of those gingerbreads (which I was not meant to do cause I new I will make gingerbread buns with those crumbs later). I tried to take that sugar mass off when made buns but I didn’t get everything out so there’s it in crumbs. Actually it looks very nice, don’t you think? Those are like part of the decorating.

A yammy dessert!

You can find the recipe here (only in finnish):

ADVENT CALENDAR DOOR 24. *Merry Christmas/Hyvää joulua*

Merry Christmas

One of my favorite Christmas Songs: ”Jossain on kai joulu” (I guess it’s somewhere still Christmas). This makes me think of my father who has now been a year and a half in heaven.

A free translation:

Somewhere it’s raining white snow

Somewhere and is all like a dream

Somewhere the entire solar system

New hope gets


How far I flew

Longing for you

I didn’t remember at all

Is that season again

Magic of Christmas

(Verse 2)

Somewhere on top of the clouds

Somewhere still the place is here

Somewhere it’s in beautiful weather

A place I could find

Somewhere there the stars can shine

Somewhere twinkle eyes when playing

Somewhere light removes blues

When it’s Christmas night


How far I flew…

(Verse 3)

Somewhere where there is still Christmas

Somewhere I guess we’ll meet there

Somewhere do you still want

With me to spend Christmas for two

Somewhere a twinkling light was seen

Somewhere when I left towards it

and distant stars then I navigated


How far I flew…


Somewhere x3


Somewhere wintery, frosty fields

Somewhere Christmas carols, golden bells

Somewhere playing children, flutes and cellos

I guess it’s somewhere still Christmas

Somewhere Christmas night is a time of miracles

Somewhere Christmas magic with candles

Somewhere Christmas carols cheerful everything

I guess it’s somewhere still Christmas

Somewhere it’s raining white snow

Somewhere and is all like a dream

Somewhere the entire solar system

I guess it’s somewhere still Christmas


That band ”Leevi and the Leavings” was great! Unfortunately singer/song maker: Gösta Sundqvist is no longer in the books of the living.

Lastly one classic: ”When you wish upon a star”. One of the most beautiful Christmas songs!

Where ever you are, whatever do you…


ADVENT CALENDAR DOOR 17. *Gingerbread Moomin house*

Door 17. Opens…

Great gingerbread Moomin house made by ”Kakku monsteri” (as Cake monster).

(I’m sorry, I’m late again with this. Just couldn’t make it on time…)

Good night…or should I say

have a nice day…

well whatever the day time is there where you are, have a nice day…or evening…or sleep well as I will try to do soon…

ADVENT CALENDAR- DOOR 12. Miisas christmascake and mini ginger bread houses

Vlogger Miisa has a ”hyvvää” (=good with a dialect) baking section on her popular youtube channel. She -Finland’s most influential influencer- was also involved in dancing with the stars competition this season. (Some of you may have recognized her from my dance posts). In a video after the dance competition, she told us she came second with her partner: Marko Keränen what was not told in the final broadcast. (They announced only the winner out of three). Congratulations, Miisa!!!


A cute, tiny gingerbread houses with fried gingerbread cheesecake, made by my favorite vlogger: Mmiisas.

As information for those who do not understand Finnish, in the beginning of the video Miisa is introducing caramel-cranberry fudge which she made earlier with Valio’s recipe. She said it’s her new favorite and recommends it as a Christmas present (if you don’t know what to buy).

That recipe I will post maybe later (If I can find it -wasn’t too easy to find on the sites of ”Valio”, Finnish food company brand). Christmas cake recipe you will find here below. The ginger bread houses were a separate supplement and I will not put that recipe here but I think you can find similar recipe easily if you like. It took time for me to translate only this one cake recipe so…

Anyway I hope you enjoy Mmiisa’s christmas bakings…

and tell me what’s your traditional christmas decerts?


175g gingerbreads

75g butter

400g seasoned curd with orange

400g orange cream cheese

2,5 dl caramel cream

2 tablespoons sugar

1 tablespoon vanilla sugar

4 eggs

2 tablespoons corn starch

To the surface:

2 dl whipped cream

1 tablespoon vanillasugar



1US cup=2,4dl

1 UK cup=2,8dl


Melt butter. Chop gingerbreads and stir in melted butter. Combine with melted butter. Tension the baking paper between the bottom and the edge of the loose bottom pan (23cm). Press the gingerbread mixture onto the bottom and edges of the pan.

Whisk the filling ingredients until smooth. Pour the filling over the biscuit base.

Cook at the bottom of the oven at 170 degrees for about 60 minutes until the cake is only slightly loose in the middle.

Allow the cake to cool first at room temperature and then transfer covered to the refrigerator. Do not remove the cake from the pan until completely cold. Cake is at its best the next day.

Finish the surface of the cake with vanilla sugar flavored whipped cream and nonpareils if desired.

Bon appetit!