I have made promice to myself…to reduce sugar. I have decided that it is mostly weekends I give myself permission to indulge in sweet treats (especially candies should not be eaten during the week, they are so artificial). I made this decision because I’m eating way too much sweets. Everyday I eat something sweet even I know I shouldn’t.

Sugar is very addictive and specially in winter time (or in the cold weather that still continues here) you feel the need for that certainly due to lack of energy…so this is not going to be easy…
I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all kinds of delicates like schocolate, cookies, buns, candy, pudding, pies, cakes, ice cream, tarts, swiss rolls, pan cakes and so on…

It’s the everlasting love relationship. It’s kind of love you can’t resist…

Rats chose sugar before cocaine

Did you know that in some tests, rats chose sugar rather than cocaine? Yes, that’s right. So believe it or not sugar seems to be actually more addictive than drugs…but if you didn’t know it yet it really is poison to your body. Among other things, it maintains inflammatory conditions in your body. So do not do as I do, but do as I say AND STOPOR atleast REDUCE EATING SUGAR!If you don’t beleave me, then watch the video. There is very interesting stuff related to sweet eating. It has a much greater impact on us than we even realize!

So the question is are you the ones who think what they eat or do you eat according to your whims? I think I do both quite equally these days. It’s really important to think about what to put in your mouth. It has a big impact on us both mentally and physically. The quality of food even affects the bacterial population in our body. So do not just eat whatever you like, make a conscious choice instead!

Happy thursday everyone!


One evening I got an ide. I wanted something sweet and there was only little bit marsh mallows and (”the old times”) vanilla sauce in kitchen. Then we had also some bananas. So what could you do about these? That’s right. I decided to mix everything together. I made this my own dessert and what a great ide it was. I’m pretty sure you never taste this kind of dessert? Well, you should because it’s super good! Those marsh mallows I had were also very tasty. Much better than the regular ones. I think there was a caramel (or fudge flavor) inside also.
Can you see the (banana) heart behind?
Dessert art. (This could be turned into an exhibition of modern art, don’t you think?)

Just taste this!