It’s easter time again. In honor of that, I’ll share a few videos suitable for Easter for you from the YouTube channel Jesse eats. If you don’t know who Jesse is, I recommend checking out his videos.

In short Jesse is the best racing eater in Finland who sometimes also competes internationally (and power athlete from which he has his own channel. He has won World Championships in powerlifting in 2017, 2019 and 2021.)

Without further ado… Let’s jump to the videos.

In this video, Jesse makes a world record for eating a Kinder chocolate egg, by eating 96 Kinder eggs. (Popular chocolate egg in Finland).

(Sorry, there is no subtitles for this video.)

I also recommend this video to you. Here Jesse eats half of every different Fazer chocolate bar (there are really a lot of them). (English subtitles available.)

In this video, Jesse eats five pounds of mämmi. If you don’t know what mämmi is, look at this and you will find out! (English subtitles available.)

So here’s a little Easter pastime for you…


Ps. What is your favorite Easter delicacy? My favorite is definitely chocolate eggs. I also eat mämmi and pasha but for me chocolate eggs are the most traditional and best Easter delicacies.