PIKKU KAKKONEN & JÄÄVAROITUS (Finnish children’s program: ”Little ones tv” & Ice warning)

I was reminded of a nostalgia gem that is bound to be shared with you. I remember sometimes I shared this, but at the time I wrote in Finnish so now is the time to make people living outside Finland aware of this…

At first I should show you this theme from the Finnish children’s program: (Pikku kakkonen which, freely translated, means: ”Little ones tv”). After watching this, you’ll understand the characters of that second clip where those are warning children of weak ice. YLE TV2 is finnish national tv channel which is showing ”Pikku kakkonen” and therefore, the characters form the number two. Also the name of the program comes from the words: pikku(inen)=little one and kaksi, kakkonen=two. So it’s like little ones tv2″. ”Pikku kakkonen” have been shown in television since year 1977 (every weekday). I was born in 1980 and ofcource watched it when I was little.

Many say they feared this warning of weak ice when they were little but I loved it. I kind of understand the fear. The music and atmosphere is pretty ghostly but I guess I wasn’t too little when watched this (premiered in 1986 when I turned 6 and probably watched it sometimes then). Atleast I don’t remember I ever feared this. I only remember (little later) how I always waited this during weak ice season when this, of course, was often shown after the actual program (but it wasn’t shown every day). I still remember the feeling of disappointment in the days when this was not shown. Even today this is still fun and that teddy bear is really cute!

What do you think? Isn’t this funny? (but also scary enough that children dare not go for a walk on weak ice).

It’s sleep time again here in Finland (or others may already wake up but I’m a night owl) so I say…


Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Dreams of childhood

From the left to the right: my father, my mother, me and my grandma on christmas eve (1986 I think)

Some time ago I found these posts https://wp.me/p6FALh-2jO


I did read those and I got the idea of my own version of this topic. I had actually one short draftpost touching this topic (without name). Now it’s time to make this post complete…

I am dreaming of getting back in time when I didn’t have to think anything else than just like what to play next or how to get homework done, the beautifull, pure childhood time. Even the time when I grew up a little bit to a teen and my biggest issue was how to find a boyfriend, was still great too. Those times when specially my closest familymembers: father and grandma (who were also aImost living with us before hospitalized and with whom I had so fun together), was alive. Both godfathers and godmother was alive, (if I’ll go further to my childhood even grandpa was alive but I don’t remember him so well. He was hospitalized when I was about six years old. I’ve heard that I’m a lot like my grandfather. Philosophying and analyzing everything like him. I wish I could have known him better.)

Me and my new hat on summer 1986(?)

I’m dreaming of getting a time machine and spending one week with those close ones, be innocent, care free child once more. If only I could be and enjoy every moment, be present without worrying the past or the future. Immerse myself in inspiring plays. Jump on a skipping rope on the yard. Dancing ballet with my best friend putting my soul into it. Go to play ground with my grandma. Go once again to summer camp or weekend camp. Spend a truly joyfull christmas with the excitement of presents.

If only I could really feel alive and run free bare foot in the wind, feeling grass under my soles or dancing with the raindrops, and laugh, laugh so hard that my stomach aches. I think I lost that ability years a go, like many of us in middle age I guess, too many…What happened to us after those happy days? Life happened. Too much losses, too much responsibilities, too much worrying, too much everything…

That one happy week back in childhood, that’s what I dream of…but too bad, I can’t make that dream come true…