The Anniversary

We had the anniversary with my spouce on the beginning of November and we’ve been 16 years together already. So (as you can count) we met at autumn 2004. Years have flied like a blink of an eye.

That anniversary and the beginning of the poem (below) inspired me to write the following poem.

These leave cards are made by me some years ago. I sold those once at fairs.

The most unforgettable November

I can still remember when it was November. I’d been so lonely before you only. I met you there in place where you took my soul on one gray November day.

I’m surprised how easily this came on my mind because english is not my mother language and I always thought I could never write english poems. Well, I’m not 100% sure if there’s some grammatical faults again…but I wonder if there’s room on the poems for the artist view. Right?

Have a happy week!

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