Pan cake

I love pancakes and because there has been more extra time since last year, I’ve made those quite often! Here’s my latest version of them which was sooo delicious!!!

Pan cake

Pan cake

I added gingerbread crumb on top which brought more crispness to this and the flavors fit together really well!

The strawberryjam, banana and gingerbread was really good together!

I also added some x-tra margarine and it made this even more tasty (and more brown)!

Those turquoise spots are sugar mass which I used at Christmas to decorate gingerbreads. I accidentally decorated all of those gingerbreads (which I was not meant to do cause I new I will make gingerbread buns with those crumbs later). I tried to take that sugar mass off when made buns but I didn’t get everything out so there’s it in crumbs. Actually it looks very nice, don’t you think? Those are like part of the decorating.

A yammy dessert!

You can find the recipe here (only in finnish):


One evening I got an ide. I wanted something sweet and there was only little bit marsh mallows and (”the old times”) vanilla sauce in kitchen. Then we had also some bananas. So what could you do about these? That’s right. I decided to mix everything together. I made this my own dessert and what a great ide it was. I’m pretty sure you never taste this kind of dessert? Well, you should because it’s super good! Those marsh mallows I had were also very tasty. Much better than the regular ones. I think there was a caramel (or fudge flavor) inside also.
Can you see the (banana) heart behind?
Dessert art. (This could be turned into an exhibition of modern art, don’t you think?)

Just taste this!