Today I’m gonna introduce you the new (big) shopping mall in Helsinki, Pasila. It’s called: Tripla. It’s inside of Pasila train station and it’s bigger than ”Itis” (which was the biggest mall in the Nordic countries until this). Today Tripla is the biggest one. There is inter alia over 60 cafe’s so it’s huge in Helsinki scale (too big I would say).

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Pasila= small New York in Helsinki

Pasila is growing. There will be coming more big buildings, more skyscrapers. In few years it will be a little bit like the small New York. (That’s what came in my mind when I saw the brochure of the becoming Pasila). So Helsinki is getting bigger and bigger. The new malls (like Redi and Saari) and also new areas is builded all the time over Helsinki.

I think, it’s sad that the cities just grow and grow (around the world). We loose our nature, we loose our oxygen. Also we are losing our personal areas. Helsinki (along with other cities) are losing their uniqueness. Those idyllic little areas where is not too much people or jams. That is what I have loved in Helsinki.

Also I do not believe, those all shops or malls will survive in this still quite little Helsinki city.

However Tripla was quite charming (in inside) as you can see on photos but I like more compact malls like Columbus at Vuosaari where is just few shops but still everything you need in your everyday life. The shops are side by side and those are easy to find and not too far away.

’Till the next time, bye!