Poetics – Stoddard, Longfellow and Bryant say hello! (What does November mean to you?)

With this post I’m taking part to this poem challenge above. For the first time I wrote a poem in english so pleace for give me if there’s some grammatical faults!

Anyway, these are my thoughts about November. November is the most gloomy month in year. It’s dark, (usually without any decent (or more permanent) light brought by snow). It’s usually also cold and nude (I mean nature is nude without leaves on trees and without flowers or any kind of colors). Everything is black and white. I’ve always hate November. It makes me sad and depressed.

So these thoughts I have (almost) every year when November comes but this year November is even more darker. This year have been very heavy (ofcourse to all of us) because of this pandemic but for me also personally. Therefore, this poem became really gloomy!


Darkness inside my mind, darkness outside. Side by side, together they are. Side by side, fear takes the peace of my heart.

November is comfortless. November overflowes.

I wanted to link one more song here. Does anyone still remember this? One of the 90’s classics. I liked this song by then (and yes it’s still beautifull, still working). I was tvelve years old when this became. Can’t believe it’s already 28 years ago…

Well that’s everything from me by now. Take part in this great challenge too!