*Singer, songwriter*

Last time I introduced you my old clas mate, pianist: Satu Paavola. This time I wanted to introduce you another talented woman: singer, songwriter ”Jippu”. She’s awesome artist and looks just like her mother (who’s by the way our old family friend from the days when Jippu was just a young woman living in her difficult teens and no one knew her. Even then she made music -which has certainly worked as a good therapy-).

Jippu came to the attention of the whole of Finland at the latest when she released her debut album ”Salaisuuksia, joita yksinäiset huutaa unissaan” (Secrets, which lonely cries out in their dreams), in September 2006. It sold gold in 2008. Jippu was also awarded the Emma Award for Best Debut Album of 2006 in early 2007 and participated in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest Finland qualifier with the song ”Kanna minut” (“Carry Me”).

(source: wikipedia)

Unfortunately Jippu has stopped making popmusic. Today she’s working as music evangelist and sings only gospel music. Listen to her songs below.

This is one of her most famous songs. (”City of angels”)


”Be quiet now”


”Two beautiful”


”A beautiful old man”