I haven’t had time to write because there’s still been so much of this paperwork after my brother’s death. At times, it felt like I was drowning in it. At least all the time and energy has gone into them. If there was anything that needed to be improved in Finland, it would definitely be bureaucracy. There is far too much of it here and it takes the juices out of man. First, you have to wait a really long time for all the documents you need and in addition, I received erroneous advices, which further lengthened the process. These things are so complex and case-specific that hardly anyone seems to know in all respects how they should be handled properly.

We also have two vacant apartments at the moment, the expenses of which run all the time: (Parents’ apartment and my mother’s own apartment where my brother lived). In addition, the mother has tough care fees. No one seems to care that we urgently need financial help. We could get the help with sharing the legacy. It just won’t work without the steps required by law.

Well now, at least, the estate inventory deed has been made and I have sent a request for confirmation of the trustee’s mandate for my mother so that the inheritance can be shared and the bank also demanded this (my mother no longer has legal capacity). That, too, required an awful lot of documents and clarification. Fortunately, it is now done.

This is also something I have been thinking about, and here one day all of a sudden, the answer popped into my head. Namely, the secret as to why Finns are the happiest people in the world time and time again. I once heard a saying like this in a funny Finnish TV show: ”With positive thinking, you are constantly disappointed, with negative thinking, you will be pleasantly surprised.” As a young person, I remember when I heard that sentence, I thought, “that’s so true,” even though it was meant to be a joke. Maybe this is exactly the Finnish thinking that has helped us survive and (-as crazy as it sounds-) stay happy… Thus, positivity can be achieved through negativity. It seems to work well!!